Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, what more can I say!

I have to start out by saying that I am in absolute awe that my newspaper would have the audacity to leave out the KROGER sale ad!!!!!!!! I am planning to just head on over to Jennifer's blog and see what she came up with rather than trying to squint at the small print on this computer screen to see what I want to purchase, all I can say is ugh!

My newspaper did contain a brown bag for Office Max. You get 20% off what you can put in the bag, plus they had extra things like .01 crayons, and .10 for some other items.

Kroger coupons - here is a place to get some extra coupons. Sometimes you can find these same ones on but SOMETIMES they do give a Kroger exclusive coupon to make sure to check it out. - $1 on Raisinets has been added

Remember to check:

Avon - free shipping on any order with code FSWER

Betty Crocker - coupons to print out

Walgreens - today only get 25 digital prints for .25!!! Use code PENNY. You can order these online today and then go pick them up another day.

Hannah Montana DVD - the Movie comes out on Tuesday of this week, it is on sale at Target for $15.99 this week alone, AND here is a way to get $4 back on the movie by Sunmaid!

Peebles - printable coupon for 25% coupon, understand they have a good shoe sale at the moment

Enjoy your day, I sure plan to!

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~vicky's deals

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