Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Finds

All You coupon offers - okay, I will concede to Jennifer that there are some exclusive coupons on this sitde, as much as it pains me to do so. :)

Eat Better America - $6 in printable coupons

Barnes and Noble - 30% off textbooks, plus free shipping on all new textbooks with no minimum purchase; weekly coupons; save 10% on a kids book

Avon - eye shadows 3 for $9.99 plus free shipping on a $10 order with code RFSC18

Reynolds Parchement paper - .75 printable coupon - don't forget to check in here and add these coupons to your Kroger card.

Shop 4 Less - check out the ad, it says from Monday, August 3rd to Sept are things that I thought were good:
~Better Valu sugar 4 lb. bag .98
~Van Camp Pork n' Beans .50 a can, coupons floating around for .30, right?
~64 oz. Hy- Top Apple Juice .98
~21 lbs. fresh step Kitty liter BOGO
~Purex detergent $2.98
~Hy-top liquid bleach .98
~24 pk. off brand water $2.98
~34.5 country roasted Folgers coffee for $4.98 - .25 c = $4.73
~Better Valu canned vegs .38
~Del Monte spaghetti sauce .58
~24 oz. of Del Monte ketchup .58
~hy-top tomato soup .25
~11 oz. Green Giant corn niblets (frozen) .78
~Glade air freshener .50

Good Housekeeping Magazine offers:
Coldwater Creek - $25 off of $100 with code NKA7110 or a coupon from Good Housekeeping Magazine
~.50 on Eggland eggs
~$1.50 off of Tide Stain Release
~20% off at Gymboree, here is online code...I think: 5KM0ZF2VMH80954
~$1 on any Dole fruit bowls
~$1 on Citrus magic

Parents Magazine offers:
~Leafrog save up to $10
~$2 c Venus razor coupon
~V8 Fusion - $1 coupon
~$1 c on Sara Lee pre-sliced meat
~.50 c on Healthy picks or Totally Fruit 4 packs
~$1 c. on Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion
~$1.50 c on Tide's Stain Release
~20% off at Gymboree

Okay for the moment that is it! Now that I have finished yet another stirring book, exercised my body, cleaned up said body, feed my herd of children, done a blog post for all my fans, I must retire to my solar (a private or upper chamber in a medieval English house) and read...nay, not today, I must school my children. The life of a mother is never done. :) Enjoy your day, may it be blessed by God as miney has already been, even at 9:00 am in the morning!

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