Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, Part One

Zaxby's - be looking out in the mail, in the local area, for a coupon for free nibblers at Zaxbys

Sunkist - purchase oranges at Walmart and it came with a packet of coupons for Sunkist products

Bounce dryer sheets are $1.97 at Walmart which is cheaper than the $2.25 I quoted from Family Dollar.

UGO - has whole wheat bread for $1.39, and bananas for .28 lb - has new coupons listed

Wii steering wheel - one for $1.99 or a 2 pack for $3.97 with free shipping! This is through Meritline.

Oriental Trading - $10 off of $20 code - ACR911, remember to use ebates (posted a link to ebates and information further down) to get money back on your purchase

Jamba Juice - use this coupon to get their oatmeal for $1 for the whole month!

Coldwater Creek - get 25% off and free shipping with code - WKH1622; if you are going to the store here is a printable coupon for the 25% off - link

Showtime - order showtime and get a $25 rebate

Scouting Gift Tags - customize them for you, there free

Right at Home gift pack - here is the correct link so that you can register for this gift pack

Smartsource - new coupons listed

Tires - get $20 coupon for Firestone tires

Leapfrog - 25% - 50% of some of these products at Amazon

Christianbook - books for .99 to $1.99

Orioles - free baseball game on your birthday!

Redbox free code for today - 75EA16

Alli - if you are doing the Alli diet or are thinking about starting the diet order here and get the product PLUS receive free Wynonna's new full length CD

Kohls - 30% off for Kohls card holders with code -GRAND30OFF good March 4-10, free shipping code is MVC2528 expires March 5th...not sure if you can combine these two codes. Make sure to use ebates to complete this order and get money back.

Reminder for how ebates works:

You can go to ebates and sign up,

Then all stores,

Find your store and click on its link

Once you are there purchase you order like you normally would


Click on the link I provide (for the store)

Put items in your cart

Then open a new window and go to ebates (this method works better after you have already done the initial registering)

All Stores

Find your store and click on the link

Once on the store site go to shopping cart/shopping bag/checkout, whatever that site calls it

Your order will already be there waiting on you.

Purchase your items. When money is credited to your ebates account you will get an email letting you know. Every 3 months if you have earned $5.01 in rebates from your purchases then you will get a paypal or a check in the amount that you have earned! If you are purchasing anyway you might as well save money while doing it.

Ziploc - free sample, this is from Costco and you do not have to be a member to get this sample

Buy 5 items get $5 back rebate - items are Van de Kamp’s, Hungry-Man, Aunt Jemima, Lenders, Mrs. Paul's and Duncan Hines Oven Ready brownies. Dates 3/01- 3/31

Vitamin Shampoo...purchase at CVS, reportedly has a rebate form attached so that you can try the product for free.

Science Hill Diet Pet food - Receive a rebate up to $25 when you purchase this pet food from your Vet, also helps cover vet services! My cat needs to go in this month so this couldn't have come at a better time.

Okay I am going to stop here. Notice the title says "Part One" so we will assume that this is to be continued later. I want to apologize in advance if today's post looks strange. I accidentally deleted my page with the blog and then I had to go back to the edit feature to finish (you bloggers know what I am talking about). When you do this sometimes the spacing just doesn't DO what you want it to DO. I hope that you can make some sense out of this today. More later, time dependent of course.


  1. Thanks Felica! I hadn't checked smartsource yet! Some good coupons!