Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second Look

I know that EVERYBODY has seen the H&R Block commercials where the one-eyed people are standing around and talking about "getting a second look". Well that is what I have done with the sales ad. I have "taken a second look" and here is what I found.

Mirror that hangs over the door $10
Buy 2 large containers of Tidy Cat $10.99 - $1 ic and get a $5 GC
Kashi Bars $2.50 - $1 ic (on Target website)
Nabisco 100 calorie packs $2.50 - .75 c
Dozen large Eggs $1.25
Arnold bread $2.99 - $1 c (from All You mag) (they have another bread on sale but it states in some stores Arnold bread will be substituted)

Family Dollar:
Dole fruit $2 (.75c on 2)
Velveeta $1.50 (price match at Walmart and use coupon with plain macaroni, have mentioned this before)
Kraft mayo 10 oz $1.65
Lysol 2 pk. wipes $1 c for 2
Bounce dryer sheets $2.25 - .25 c
Lysol spray cleaner $2 - .50 c

Reach toothbrush .99 - $1 c = free (Alicia mentioned this)
Paper plates .99
fiber one pop tarts $1.99 - .50 c

Mega green T gum BOGO, use coupons from previous blog post
Arizona Tea .99, BOGO
3 bags of Hershey's candy, $2 a piece, use $1ic/3 bags and get $3 off of a bunny basket for Easter

Tidy Cat cat liter 20 lb. $3.33 - $1 c

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