Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walgreens finds and extras

Okay yes I broke my rule. I couldn't help it, they sucked me in with the overage on foil...so I just had to do it. When I went in last week to get free pictures I noticed a lady with a cart full of pringles, being the noisy person that I am I asked, "Is there a really good deal on those?" Every sticker I saw was $1.50 a canister which was a terrible deal for pringles. She said that they were on sale for .45! She even confirmed it with the manager right in front of me and sure enough they were on sale for .45. I got a few cans but they were starting to run out. So this time around in the store I decided to just walk around and look for clearance tags and this is what I found.

3 cans of pringles .82 a piece (fat free)
x2 reynolds foil wrap .89 (c. in sale ad)
x2 Natural Dentist toothpaste $2.59 for each
375 ct. q tips $1.99 (c. in sale ad)
Secret flawless deodorant $2.59
- $.30c on pringles
- $1c on foil
- $1c on foil
- $2ic on toothpaste
- $2ic on toothpaste
- $.30 on q-tips
- $2 on deodorant
oop: $6.66, savings of $24.94
I intend to apply for the $10 rebate on the toothpaste. Even if I just get the cost ($2.59 x 2) of $5.18 then my oop will go down to $1.48!!!! Not bad for just prowling around.

Here are some other items that found there way into my inbox:
Loreal - $3 ic on the 10 minute hair color (Jennifer shared this on her blog as well)

Advil - $2 coupon that Angel P. wanted to share with you

Coupons.com has added a couple of new coupons

Barnes and Noble - current coupons; some on movies, also buy 2 paperback books and get one free

Couple of other items that took my notice:
Family Dollar
Gain $2.50 - .50 c = $2
Mr. Clean refill product $2.50 - .75 c = $1.75
Febreeze air effects $2.50 - $1c = $1.50
Hefty garbage bags $4.50 - $1c = $3.50
Lysol coupon from the store for .50 off combine with $2 c
Velveeta shells and cheese $1.50

Price match the velveeta shells and cheese from Family Dollar for $1.50 combine with regular Kraft macaroni on sale for .50 = $2 - $1ic = $1 for both
Hormel complete meals $1.98 - $1 c = .98

Food City still has milk for $2.99 a gallon.

Just a heads up you definitely want a paper this weekend because this is Protector and Gamble coupon week.

Okay that is all the extra that I have for now. Make sure to take time to watch the President address Congress tonight. He is going to try and "encourage" the nation. I find it very discouraging that our country's financial stability is hinging on a bill that no one in Congress read before they signed it and the President said they didn't need to read it. I am sure that we will be finding secrets out about this bill that was passed for years to come. Quite honestly I am also sure that if we wait long enough the free market will work itself out, IF, and only IF we stop meddling in it long enough to let it do so. Okay I have spoken my peace! Disagree if you wish I like to see the commentary.

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