Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Alicia Blog - codes for getting $15 off an online order at JcPenny's

PS3 - still looking to get that PS3, here is a great deal! Buy the PS3 from Best Buy and get a free $50 GC as well as Guitar Hero (get to chose from Aerosmith or Legend of Rock) game for free. Make sure to use ebates when you purchase this and you will get 1% back on your order!

Madagascar 2 on sale at Best Buy for $13.99...if you didn't get it at CVS and you want to do the rebate that I mentioned this past weekend then this is a good price. This is only in the store, but if you are not close to a Best Buy then take the sales ad to Walmart and they will price match it for you.

Target has several games and movies that are marked down to $10 this week. Here is a copy of the ad and the items that are included - link Target store coupons, I have included the list of coupons on the website. Remember these are store coupons so you can combine them with manufacturer coupons. If you are doing the Madagascar 2 movie rebate and were going to buy the Hillshire farm lunch meat then do so at Target! You can use the $1 they give AND the .55 from the paper! They also have $1 off of goldfish crackers which I listed. And one other great thing is there is no limit to your printing. Remember though just because there is no limit don't print 200 coupons and just go clean them out, the coupon is a privilege and not a right and we don't want to loose it, plus we want to share with others, right? Right. :)
$1 off Archer Farms® cereal
$1 off Renuzit air care product
50¢ off 8-oz. or larger Chex Mix snack mix
$1 off Kashi
$1 off With purchase of two 8-oz. Market Pantry® cheeses
$1 off 6-oz. or larger Pepperidge Farm crackers
$1 off 64-oz. Tropicana orange juice
$1 off Vlasic pickles
75¢ off Archer Farms® Naan bread
$1 off Fresh vegetable
$3 off Gillette Venus razor
$1 off Hillshire Farms Deli Select lunch meat

Quinzos - join the club and get a free sub!!!! Thank you Rachel P! Also great job on your new scrapbooking blog! Some really good tips for all you scrapbookers.

Arby's - free Roast beef burger with a purchase of a drink

Peter pan - .50 coupon, on sale at Walgreens for $1.99

Soy Dream or Rice dream - this is a type of milk, printable coupon

Glucerna - $5's in coupons

Fiber one mocha bars - $1.35 on one box of Mocha flavors

Nutra Nail - $1 off of 1 product or $3 off of 2

Coffeemate - The $1.50 coffeemate coupon is working again for some. I have two email addresses listed just because there is no way to change your email information on the site and although I couldn't print under one email the other was able to, go figure. Thanks to Alicia Y. for letting me know that it was working again.

Delias - free shipping on $25 with code DXCAFF

Aquafresh - .75 off the plain toothpaste...ON SALE AT CVS FOR .88 THIS WEEK, makes it .13 for toothpaste (iheartcvs pointed this one out)

Post Trail mix cereal - $2 off coupon listed yesterday is on BOGO again at CVS for $4.79, use 2 coupons (print one then hit the back arrow twice quickly and reload the page and you will be allowed to print one more coupon) you will get 2 boxes for .79 or .35 a piece (iheartcvs pointed this one out at well)

Aveeno - $2 coupon...on sale at CVS (iheartcvs, again)

Beggin Strips - $1.50 coupon, on sale at CVS for 2/$7 or $3.50 a piece (iheartcvs)

Iheartcvs link - scroll down the page. They have added everything in the sale ad and all the coupons from the internet and the paper. Looks alot like slickdeals but not exactly.

Quaker products - $3 off of 5 products, this came from iheartcvs but I wanted to share just in case you missed it, expires on 2/28/09

Bath and Body works - free product with a $10 purchase; buy 2 items and get one free - link

Campbell's soup - $1 off of two coupon! Seems to be having trouble printing now BUT check back later.

Clorox - buy 2 get one free coupon, believe this is for the wipes

Cheer - $1 coupon in the mail for Cheer detergent

Tanning product - free sample

Johnson's buddies - $1 coupon mailed to you, you can get the buddies bar for free with this coupon

Free barrettes - first 1,000 will receive free barrettes for girls (okay I am having trouble with their website this morning! maybe when I get back to it it won't be to late)

Purell - says $1 off of purell but I believe that it prints out at $2 off of 2...this is great for school time

Okay ladies I am off. I hope you are enjoying the blog. Feel free to leave comments at your convenience. I keep beating that horse in hopes that a couple of you will get the hint...:)

Just to let all you ladies know that ordered cookies, we can start distributing cookies this Friday. If you didn't get to order any don't worry there will be girls outside of every store known to man in the next couple of weeks as well as girls that will be knocking on your door. Make sure to support you local girl scouts. I know we really only buy the cookies because they are still cheap and they taste great, but TRY to make it look like you are just doing it to help the girls...:)

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