Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Feb. 23rd

This month is flying by! I worked so hard on yesterday's post, but again this program decided that it didn't want any spaces in my work! I tried it twice but it still refused to let me do it. Oh, well it is the way it is, and I apologize if it is hard to read.

Food City:
Value Time vegetables .33 a can
Value Time biscuits .33
Value Time cheese .33 for 12 slices
Banquet pot pies .33
paper towels .33
Food Club popcorn $1
Rice a Roni $1
Velveeta shells and cheese $1.66
Freezer Queen meal $1.66

Lactaid - free sample, you don't have to be a member

Rid - $2 off...too bad this is necessary but sometimes it is, also $1.50 off of Dove bodywash, $10 on the leapfrog didj system, lots of good coupons

Free pancakes - thanks ALICIA! This is free pancakes on Tuesday for a donation to the Children's miracle network from IHOP.

Salad set free - Have to buy something starting at $4.99 then use code - BHSALAD4U and you get this 8 piece set for free, can use ebates to make extra money back.

Kashi entree - get a coupon for a free entree by Kashi

Fiber One - $1 printable coupon; text FIBER to 467467 to get a free fiber one bar sample

Free map - of Wisconsin, could use as a homeschooling resource!

Nicholas Club - join and get a free membership pack

Ben and Jerry's - this is the store locator, Free Cone Day an annual event, Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Time: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

pedometer - register with Tylenol and get a free pedometer and dvd.

free tote - if you have tried Jianchi juice then leave a comment about it and get a free tote bag, this will only be available in states where this product is available

$4 Rebate on Softsoap ensembles. You must pick a rebate form form, CVS, Walmart, Target, or Kroger (there are more stores but these are the ones that I remember). You have to buy 1 refill, and 1 pump. The rebate will last all year. Use coupons from the All You magazine from last month and this month to get $1 off of each product. Read the rebate form carefully for all the details.

Trail Mix cereal - $2 on one box, I know that I have shared this before and some of us got this cereal at CVS for .30 a box so I am sharing it with the rest of you.

Thanks to Vicky's forums. Self magazine has come coupons for CVS on page 141. Here is the list:
$1 Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow
$1 Almay Pure Blends Makeup
$5 Aquafresh White Trays Pro -Gentle
$1 Borghese Nail Lacquer
$1 Coppertone Spf 70+ With Dual Defense
$1 Dove Cream Oil Body Wash
$ Sensodyne Pronamel
$1 Viologie Great Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner
All expire March 31, 2009~
Also the first 1,000 readers to purchase 2 or more products featured in the Well-Being Made Easy at CVS/pharmacy program and mail in their original receipt to SELF will receive a free SELF Trim and Tone Fast DVD. (Feb 17- March 31, 2009)

Alicia shared this with me:
Kroger is giving catalinas (these are coupons that print out after your purchase) on Pillsbury items good between 2/22 and 3/21. This is a coupon that will be like cash on your next order. Thanks for sharing.
3 items $1.50
4 items $2.00
5 items $3.00

Gotta run.

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  1. Pillsbury is a good money maker. I tried it with 5 items. Used 3x .40/1 coupons (all that I had.) Spent $2.20 got back 3.00 oyno q. This would be a great mm if you have 5 q's!