Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coupon Organizer

Here are some pictures of my coupon organizer. I wish that I could take credit for this great idea but alas, I cannot. I found a great slideshow where someone had taken the time to share their organizer and how they put it together. When I first started posting on this blog I did some research to try and find that slideshow so that I could share it with others but to no avail. I thought that since there are some new "visitors" to the blog that I would share this vital information again.
It is important when you use coupons to make sure that you have a "usable" way to carry them. If you can carry them in your wallet and pull them out when you are ready to use them, that is great! I don't know how many times that I would forget to used a coupon because I had stuffed it in my wallet or some other obscure pocket in my purse. Then I tried the accordion style folders. That worked for a little while. I would go shopping with a friend pretty regularly and she would always fuss at me because I had to stop and sift through all my coupons every time I would need one. So I started using TWO accordion style folders. This allowed me to separate into 26 different sections. This helped but I was still sorting through each section repeatedly. Then I discovered the slideshow. I was delighted!
Here is what you need to make this book or one similar.
First: 3 ring binder. My is made by Case It, purchased at Staples for around $17. My particular bag has a handle, shoulder strap, zipper and an mp3 case holder (the little pocket that you see on the front of the bag) which I use to carry scissors, envelopes, pens, etc.
Second: Dividers. Figure out how many sections you want to do and right them down. Then purchase only the dividers that you need. You can get them any where from .88 for 5 to $4 for a bigger pack.
Third: Trading card holders. Come in packs of ten, which will holder 90 coupons. Or you can get a big pack at Walmart that had 30 pages so it will hold 270 coupons for about $5.88 (last time I checked)
Yup, guys that is all that is holding my coupons together. I made my mother a coupon holder for Christmas and I found her a binder with a zipper without extra pockets for $2.50! If you decide that you don't want to spend $17 for you case that is fine. I highly recommend that you at least splurge on a bag that has a zipper, this keeps your coupons from falling out. You also will need AT LEAST a 2" ring. I would go with nothing less than that.
I hope this helps some of you to visualize a little better how couponing can be made a little easier. Yes you have to take time to cut and sort the coupons, but once you have that completed and you put them in your bag, you can see EVERY individual coupon as you turn a page and you can find it very quickly in the store.
Just to let you know if you prefer the wallet method and you get to the register and pay and then say, "Oh, man I forgot my coupon!", you can go to the service desk and they will give you the money back the least Walmart will, not sure about the others.

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  1. For anyone who has a Target near them I actually bought a NEW folder last month that was much nicer then the CASE IT and it was $9.99!!! I fell in love with it. It doesnt have a handle, but seems to have more features then the case it one had. Thanks for the hard work today.