Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, on the ball

Well I have to say that Alicia is on the ball! She has already mentioned the great deals for Kroger for next week plus the coupons that go with it. Great job!

Here are a coupon of items that I found this week:
Food Lion - ends on Feb. 24th, Tuesday
BOGO Kelloggs Cereal $3.46 - $1/2 c = $2.46 for 2
Cottonelle or Scott 6 double roll tissue BOGO use double coupons .50 on cottonelle, $1 on Scott, prices start at $4.80 and go to $6.89
Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls $1, not sure on coupons for this

Walgreens: (starts on Sunday)
Softsoap bodywash $3.49 - $1 easysaver book - $1 c = $1.49
Q-tips $1.99 - .30 c = $1.69
colgate .99 - .75 c = .24
Excedrin $1.99 - $1c = .99 + $1 RR back
Reynolds wrap .89 - $1 c/ic= free, make sure you c does not exclude the 20 sq ft size

IGA: (ends today, I didn't get the ad until yesterday, our area is SO WEIRD about how they put out their ads)
4 pk pillsbury biscuits $1
Velveeta shells and cheese $1.50 combine with regular macaroni and use $1 ic
Kool-aid jammers $1.79

Colgate .88 - .75 = .13
Revlon buy $20 get $1o ECB back, combine with $1 coupons (items starting at $1.99)

I will post more if I find it. When I post the blog links you guys need to save them in your favorites category just in case I forget to post them in another post.


  1. Any good deals for next week at CVS?

  2. I saw nothing that I really liked. I went ahead and sent the March deals because I was so "unimpressed" by this week. Other than the toothpaste for .88, nothing. If you wear makeup then you will be in pretty shape.

  3. I sent someone to bush tech and they said they are not hiring anyone