Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday...snow, ice, rain....

Good time to umm...stay in and order everything online!!! :)

Most interesting meal for the week:
My preschooler is learning about how God created our bones to help us move and how they are connected with joints so I purchased a Cornish Hen, Tyson brand, used $1c so it was about $2, threw some extra chicken with the recipe to have enough chicken. Got a 4 pk. of small biscuits, and a can of cream of chicken soup, and Viola! chicken and dumplings and a school project!

Southern Savers - Jennifer found this site this past week, they have a list of Kroger specials plus printable coupons that are available for some of these items, most of the coupons I have already sent at sometime or another so don't be surprised if it says you have already printed your limit, but make sure to try it anyway.

Sun Crystals - $2 printable coupon

Don't forget the free Denny's breakfast today from 6 am to 2 pm...if you want to brave the weather to get it. :)

Hobby Lobby - current 40% coupon...I have noticed that most of the time you can just mention the coupon to the cashier and they will ring up the coupon even if you don't have the print out.

Clean and Clear - sign-up for printable coupons

Slim Fast - sign-up and receive $20 in coupons

Freshpair - underwear on clearance, I like their slogan, "Buy underwear in your underwear", anyway free shipping on any order

Shopping Bookmarks - this is an awesome list of coupons and sales, thought I would share

Bagel Bites - $1 on 2 printable coupon

Meir Glen - sign up to get a $1 coupon...I thought this product (spaghetti sauce) was only available at Target but I believe I spotted it in Kroger with the organic foods.

O'Charleys - sign in to receive a BOGO coupon for their dressing

Tennessee - here are some things to do in the great state of TN. Don't forget that the state park is giving a 50% off discount until the end of the month on cabin stays. I posted the link in a previous blog.

Meters at Kroger - Remember that I mentioned yesterday about the buying the Contour Blood glucose meter at Kroger using your coupon and getting $15 off your order, well read this post! This individual did it! He gives the order of what to do. He didn't buy anything to get money off the meter instead he had them put the $15 on a gift card so he bought 7 meters and got $105 in GCs!

Okay I am off. If you try the meter deal locally leave a comment and let us know.

Thanks for the comments on my Kroger and P&G issue. I did email them and they want me to fax in my receipt and something else I can't even remember. I told them, no. I just want to make sure that it works correctly next time, as of yet I have heard no response.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for all the girl scout cookie orders, paper orders are over for now. Thank you to all the people who bought church discount cards. Some of those are still available if you are interested.

Everyone stay safe in this weather, until next time.....

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  1. Hey Felicia....

    I'm Nate from WeUseCoupons.com. Thanks for the link. This deals works perfectly!!! The manager does have to come and override...but that's it. I have a quick question...could you email me??


    Thanks for the link!!

    Good luck and happy couponing!!!