Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, Feb. 2nd

CVS 2/01/09, TOTAL OOP: $5.97, PLUS $2.49 ECB, the newspaper alone was $ coupon for this just wanted those extra coupons :)
c = coupon
ic = internet coupon
dc = double coupon
pm = price match at Walmart
ECB = Extra Care Bucks
oop = out of pocket

CVS:Order #1: (picture above is all three orders)
Softsoap $1 - .35c = .65
Palmolive dish liquid .97 - .25c = .74
Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste $2.50 - .75 = $1.75
Colgate toothbrush $2.50 - $1 = $1.50
Softsoap bodywash x2 $7 - $1c - $1c = $5
Lady Speed stick deodorant $2.50 - .75 = $1.75
- $10 ECB (from Pepsi deal 2 weeks ago)
Total oop: $1.97, $5 ECB back

Order #2:
Glade candle x2 $5 - $1c - $1c = $3
Glade refill x2 $5 - $1c - $1c = $3
- $5 ECB (from order #1)
Total oop: $1.46, $5 ECB back

Order #3:
York peppermint patties x2 $3
Excedrin 10 ct $2.49
Newspaper $2
- $5 ECB (from order #2)
Total oop: $2.54, $2.49 ECB

I thought I could use the candy coupons for $2 off of 2 bags but I didn't realize that coupon is only good for REALLY BIG BAGS! I bought the paper to get an extra coupon for $1 off of the glade refill, I cut it out before going to the register...HINT: Always carry scissors in your coupon bag. The original $10 ECB came from the Pepsi deal 2 weeks ago. To make the deal sweeter for you, just throw the Excedrin in with one of the other orders, because it is free after ECBs, and don't get the candy or the newspaper. I hope this helps some of you.

Now onto the deals in the paper:
pop tarts $1.50
All detergent 96 loads $9.99 - $1.50 c/ic = $8.49
splenda $2.99 - $3 ic (on blog earlier) = -.01
Reusable green bags .33, limit of 12

Electrasol $2.99 - $2.50c (are these still good? I used my so I don't remember)= .49
Glade Candle 4/$10 buy $10 get $5 ECB, look at my order for hints
KY $19.99 - $5 c/ic = $14.99, get $10 ECB
Excedrin $2.49, get $2.49 ECB
Hershey's candy, Sunday and Monday only 2/$3
$15 off palmolive/colgate products get $5 back, look at my order for hints

Dollar General:
Lays $2
Hefty garbage bags $5 - $1 c = $4
Head and shoulders $3 - $1 c = $2
Irish Spring Bodywash $2.75 - .50 = $2.25
Softsoap bodywash $2.50 - $1c (found in Kroger store, .75c in paper) = $1.50
Colgate toothpaste 3 oz .85
Colgate toothbrush .85 - .40c = .45
I was all excited because I thought I could use my toothpaste coupon and make these .10 a piece until I spotted the 4 oz. and above on the coupon, oh, well they are .97 at Walmart so .85 is still a good deal even without the coupon.

Sobe Life Water 10/$10, get $5 Gift Card - most of the bottles have a .50 coupon attached (I saw them Sat. in the store) so this would be 10 for $5 with the coupons and get a $5 GC in return.
Scoop Away cat liter $9.99

Buy 10 items get $3 off instantly, not as good as last week but still a good deal. Items on the special 10 sale are marked with an * (I only listed the ones that I had coupons for). Otherwise just a good deal.
*Chef Boyardee x3 (.88 x3) - .35/3c - .35/3 dc = $1.94
*Ragu x2 ($1.58 x2) - $1 shortcut coupon - .75/2c = $1.41
*Fruit Gushers x2 ($1.79 x 2) - .50/2c - .50/2dc = $2.76
*Mandwich x2 ($1 x2) - $1/2c = $1
Hillshire selects lunchmeat x2 ($1x2) - .65/2c = $1.35
Dial handsoap .88 - .35c - .35dc = .18!!!!!!!!!
Cereal General Mills $1.67 - $1 = .67!!!!!!
Hot Pockets $1.59
Bread .78
Contour meter is $14.99 and you get $14.99 off with your card...I wonder if you use the coupon from the paper if they would still give you the $14.99 off of your grocery bill...hmmmm
Other stuff:
For some reason my some of the post is being highlighted when I put in a link, I apologize if this looks like a wreck when it gets to you.
Right at Home - if you haven't joined yet and aren't getting these in your inbox here is the time to do so. They have $31.50 in coupons available. I want the Drano coupons! I will take all you guys can send me. If you have to mail it I will pay postage and .10 per coupon. Thank you.
Dennys - saw this during the Super Bowl. Get a free grand slam breakfast at Denny's on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, between 6 am and 2 pm.
Freegrabber list:
Benefiber- sample, could be the same sample listed on Jennifer's blog
Pray Diary - free pray diary from CBM
Aspirin pill tote - free from Bayer
Fish Oil - free sample of fish oil vitamins, plus coupon
Newport News - clearance with an additional 15% off plus free shipping with these two codes - 687 or 686 and L66, use ebates to make money back on your purchase.
Hot Topic - $15 off of $50 code - FEBMP1, expires 2/28/09
Jennifer's Blog -here, here is the items that she found, plus read her other post about the great closeouts on cleaners at Kroger...I found the same things on my trip, so don't forget to get to your Kroger and just look around. I found windex wipes for $1.84, used $1c so .84. I found soft scrub spray for, I think $1.74, minus $1c so .74.

I tried my Protector and Gamble esaver coupons on my Kroger card this weekend and they didn't work! I purchased an Olay body wash for $3, there was suppose to be a $1 on my card and I had a $1 paper coupon, which would have made the product $1, but the $1 on the card never came off...any ideas what I should do? I made sure they scanned my card first.

That is it for me this morning. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Let me know if you there are any problems with the links.


  1. I couldn't get the Kroger bath tissue to work and then realized it was for the 6 pack and I was buying the 12. Maybe it's the size?

  2. I have not tried the P&G ones yet, but here is my advice, first, make sure that you have your card number right, second, go to the site and complain. I read on the SOUTHERN SAVERS site that if you go to their site and complain they will load a coupon that will cover all those you tried to use that will automatically come off on your next purchase, like a instant money off....I hope that makes sense! They also round up the amount of the coupons, so in reality it could really work in your favor!