Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Extra Edition

Food City sales:
Milk $2.99
Freezer Queen entrees $2.33 BOGO
Folgers coffee $5.99
Orville R. popcorn $1.66, use $1/2 c, to be $3.32 - $1c = $2.32 or $1.16 a box
Birdseye steamfresh vegs $1 - .35 c =.65
Fast Fixin Chicken $4.99 - .75c = $4.24 (is this a good deal?) or go to here, sign up and get 6, $1 coupons
Suave shampoo $1, can use .50/2 so $1.50 for 2, or save until do at Kroger and get it doubled

Quaker True delights - sample

You know your kids always come up with some of the funniest phrases, today's phrase was: "I'm about to make water in my pantaloons!" Gotta love'em...


  1. ohh... nice price on milk!

    I think Kroger may have a better deal on the fast fixin's - but that's just hearsay and not something i've actually tried (yet). There are supposed to be smaller packages that make it free or close to it.

    LOL@kid comment!

  2. Oh, did you happen to notice when the daytona promo ends? I've also heard that there are some softsoap blinkies at kroger - did you see any? I found some 3.00/2 johnson first aid coupons.

  3. I have no idea about the daytona promo and when it ends. I did find the softsoap coupons in Kroger. Where did you get the extra Johnson coupons?

  4. I found them at kroger in the bandaid aisle! If you can't find any, let me know and i'll forward some to ya.