Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Political thoughts

Okay maybe this doesn't belong here but I have to share some extra thoughts on the Presidents speech. I will probably throw some coupons in for good measure...:) First of all I go to bed around 9:30 to 10:00 and the speech went until about 10:10, so I was very sleepy. I tried to keep everything in my mind that he said that I wanted to comment on but I just kept forgetting so that is why it wasn't with this mornings post. Today while listening to talk radio I was reminded of some of the items that I wanted to find more information about.

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One, was the first automobile invented in America? I was pretty sure that it wasn't and today on the radio (Rush Limbaugh) it was confirmed. Here is a website that tells the history of the automobile. The first gasoline powered engine was created by Benz in Germany. We, the United States, and mainly Henry Ford created the assembly line. That is we pieced the vehicle together and massed produced it. I love what Henry Ford said, everyone should have the color of car they want, as long as it is black! Okay so I am off track.

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Next, his health care plan really bugs me. If you look at other countries with socialized medicine, and that is what he is talking about. How can you "give" everyone health care if you don't use others taxes to pay for it? Anyway, if you look at other countries with socialized medicine you will see that their individual taxes are higher and their quality of health care is lower. We have the best hospitals and medicine in the world, why because there is an incentive in this country to go out of your way to be in the medical field. If I tell you that we are going to regulate how much a doctor can make why would you spend 10 - 15 years (how long does it take to be a doctor these days) in school, with no money, sacrificing family time and luxuries so that when you get done you can still be in debt and get paid the same as a worker at McDonalds?

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Another issue, education. Lets think about this a moment. I am a homeschooling parent who has to pay taxes to the education system for children that they aren't even educating. I can't count any of my education expenses off of my taxes no matter how much I spend. And he is going to make sure that we have better teachers and green schools, oh boy do I feel helped! All you need to do is vouchers! When parents start jerking their children out of the bad schools with the bad teachers because vouchers gave them a choice THEN the schools, will say, maybe I need to improve so I can get that money. Just give them a healthy dose of competition that is what they need.

One more question before I close, how many of you plan to run out and get another year of education? Weren't you inspired...

Did you know that some state governors are considering refusing the stimulus package money? Article This is just one article out of many. Google this issue if you don't believe me. The fact is they are considering refusing the money because they know, they KNOW, there will be strings attached. At some point when they get dependent on the money THEN the government will come in and demand that the states raise taxes. They know this because of history.

I hope that you guys realize that not all the banks were failing. Only some of the banks were failing. They took a bunch of bank presidents into a room, some that were in trouble and some that weren't and forced them to take the money. I don't like that. If they don't need it and they have no problem then why force them, it is simple - leverage. Just like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, they need leeverage...(I love he way he says it)

Okay that is all for now. If you have thoughts on this issue feel free to comment. As always I suggest that you do your own research. Whether you are political or not this will affect you and yours in the years to come.

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  1. "If I tell you that we are going to regulate how much a doctor can make [...] when you get done you can still be in debt and get paid the same as a worker at McDonalds?"

    See - it wont't stop there. Then they'll have to regulate colleges... financial systems... etc... Socialism - that is what we are getting.

    "Another issue, education."

    This one scares me. I fear for the future of homeschooling in this country. So many states and individual cities make it difficult as it is - I don't doubt that we will see a shift toward eradicating homeschool options. They'll try to force all kids to be sent to gov't sponsored schools. Yup... let's make sure all our kids are indoctrinated the same way - right?? Gov't gets to determine what goes in their little minds - not mom and dad. Now that scares me more than the tax hike.

    And you are right - how are we going to *give* everyone this stuff? Taxes. Period. There will be no way around it. The money has to come from somewhere, and if you work - it'll come out of your pocket. Why are we even getting the "stimulus package"? It's because folks/industries have become dependant on the gov't to give them stuff or bail them out. (and don't even get me started on the title "stimulus" - has nothing to do with stimulating anything. Should be called a "spending" bill!)