Thursday, February 26, 2009

Race against time...

This will be one of those posts where I have to see how much I can find in about 30 minutes. Although I am running behind, yes again, I just couldn't let you guys down this morning. Thursday seems to be the day that you guys all come to the blog looking for goodies so lets see what we can find.

$2.99 movies - looks like a really good list of dvds, get free shipping after $49; these are hd dvds

Qdoba - not sure on the restaurant's location, but this is a BOGO coupon good until March 20, 2009

ArtsCow - 5 - 8x10 collage prints for .99 with free shipping with code - 5PSC8X10, expires 3/31/09

Free nail polish - this is from Teenway so you have to be a teen/know a teen/have a teen, something to request it

John Heffron - free CD download (I have no idea who this guy is, this is just floating around out there so decided to share, if that wasn't a good idea leave me note)

Ladies dress - Lane Bryant dress sizes 12 and up; dress is $6.99, for 20% additional off use code - 000209298, use ebates for additional money back

Airborne - free sample

Gap - 70% off of their clearance items; order something from Piperlime with your order and get free shipping.

ATT cell phone - looking for a new phone from Att this should get you 35% off of your equipment! If you don't get the special box that talks about the 35% off then go to, search att, then click on the link that says ATT Official store (under those words are written the words about getting 35% off with live cashback)

Brown Cow - sign up for printable coupons, yogurt company

Desitin - $1 printable coupon...this needs no explanation right

Hardees - $1 off Texas toast breakfast sandwich

Stoneyfield Farm - printable coupons...this is organic yogurt that contains no HFCS. I had no idea where to get this product because I had seen the coupons before but yesterday I discovered that Walmart carries it! So here is a coupon for all of us that are following this diet. If you have no idea what I am talking about there is an article posted on Rachel P. blog

One minute left guys....

Lifeline - I am going to end with this today. If hard economic times have put your finances in a bind and you have had to get some kind of government assistance then you qualify for a discount on your landline phone service. Here is a link that explains that information. You can also contact ATT personally for information.

There will probably be another blog post later in the day so be sure to check back. Same channel same location...

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  1. Kroger has Stonyfield in the organic section - sometimes it's in a separate section and sometimes it's with the produce for some strange reason. There's usually markdowns on it too! Manager's specials... and they freeze nicely. Oldest DD likes the frozen yogurt as a snack.