Friday, February 20, 2009


One of these days I will get my blog just the way I want it to be but at this point it is still a work in progress. A friend had the great idea of me adding a list for all of the little acronyms that I use on the blog so that I don't have to update and so that all of you that come to the blog for the first time will know what I am talking about. I FINALLY figured out how to add that. It is started as you can see over on the right hand side now. I will probably add more as we go along. At some point I intend to link you guys to all the other blogs I follow. Sherry W. finally shared that if you don't have a blogger account and you follow the blog it does nothing for you but make me feel good to see she you are watching...:) So far since I have been doing this it seems that the best way to enjoy blogs, if you follow more than one, is to just set up a blogger account at and then when you sign in you will have a scroll list of all the blogs you follow. I don't think you have to "do" a blog when you sign up, if I am wrong someone correct me.

More ramblings about American Idol, and responding to comments.
I completely agree that it is a bad idea to sing someone that has a distinctive voice. It is really hard to live up to a Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc.
I think some of the "real" singer/recording artists would have a nervous break down if they had to do this stuff. I agree with Dixie Diva, lets put them behind a screen where all we see is a shadow and hear a voice and see how far they go. There are some that could make it purely on voice alone but not many. Especially if we did it like they do on Hollywood week where they had no musical instruments, very interesting, yes.

First I want to direct you to Alicia's blog - link - she has done a lot of work on Walgreens for this week and the coming weeks to follow.

Next I want to direct you to a different kind of blog by Rachel - link, this is a blog for all you scrap bookers. She has made a personal commitment to try and scrapbook one page a day and she is sharing her pages, and her ideas with us! She is also giving tips on ways to scrapbook for less. Right now she is sharing some beautiful pictures of Montana. It is amazing all the things that God has created that we are able to capture and share with others. Check her out.

CVS - March monthly deals, via slickdeal - THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK!
Okay after looking at this weeks deals, I am not over impressed. It is great for makeup wears but I don't wear makeup so I am kind of out. So I thought I would share the March monthly deals that way we will be ready.

Coupon list - I know that I have a couple of new people that are coming to see the blog so here is one of the links to coupons that I have mentioned before. There is a huge list here, not all are current. Pick the ones that you are interested in, some we have already printed, some you might not have.

Crazy 8 - baby sale, get $10 off of $30 code - C8SAVE10

Vonage - free month of local and long distance calling and after that $24.99 a have to have high speed internet to take advantage of this.

Victoria Secret - buy any swim suit get a tote for free with code SWIMVS

Hair Clippers - I heard this on the radio and I am going to do my best to share this information accurately. There is suppose to be about 13 stores in the Knoxville area called or affiliated with the name Hair Clippers they are currently offering hair cuts for the whole family for $6.99 a piece until the end of February.

Borders - 40% off of one book for members, which membership is free...expires tomorrow

Walgreens photo - 20 free digital prints today only, use code ONEDAY

Free Suave coupon - a while back some of us ordered a coupon for a free suave bodywash, how many of you have gotten you coupons? I have yet to receive mine. Rumors are that some people haven't gotten theirs yet and that they expire on 2/28/09.

Shoes - crocs and shoes on sale starting at $4.98 and going to $19.98, free shipping on $75, this link takes you to page 4 so click on page 1 to get to the cheapest prices.

Mac n' cheese - printable Kraft coupon, mailable link - buy one with the powder and get a $1 off of the deluxe.

GE light bulbs - $1 coupon x2

Robitussin - $2 printable coupon

Catherines - $15 off of $25; Valid in store 02/25/09 thru 03/01/09 and online at 12:30 am 02/25/09 thru 03/01/09.Coupon code for online orders: 776996902

Boston Market - $2 off of $10

Classico sauce - $1 off of 2, printable, this is spaghetti sauce

Triminic - $1.50 coupon

Sure - $1 coupon

Gerber - $8 in coupons on gerber baby clothing

High School Musical 3 DVD - $5 off of regular dvd; $10 off of Blu-ray

Eucerin - $1 printable coupon

Blair - $5 off of $10 code - XVB


  1. Yay! I'm glad you posted the Gerber coupons. I was going to post them yesterday and totally forgot. They are great coupons! BTW - they let me print 5 of each by hitting the back button. Also, it prints a full sheet of paper - coupon at the bottom. Kind of annoying, but still a good coupon if you have kids and need the stuff!

    Now... to find a good sale.

  2. Oh - almost forgot to say that Target had the High School Musical video for 15.99 (regular - blue-ray is more), AND you get a 5.00 gift card when you purchase it. HTH someone.

  3. Haha, we must be looking at the same places, cause I am sitting here putting my blog together this morning and I have quite a few of those coupons on mine =) Also there is a hair place here across from Walmart that has been doing $4.99 hair cuts, I thought about taking my girls in, I usually do theirs (more money saved) but just as a special treat for a day out with mom =)