Thursday, February 19, 2009

Expiring coupons

Okay I know that I should have thought of this earlier in the week but better late than never. I have some coupons that are expiring on Saturday that I would be willing to share. Anyone that knows my location can come here and pick them up. If you are not in my local area I would be glad to attempt to mail them to individuals tomorrow in hopes that you will receive them by Saturday and be able to use them on that day. You can email me OR you can leave a comment on the blog if you are interested in one of the coupons that I post. There will be no cost to you, I am just trying to share. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

x2 softsoap handsoap .35
x2 Irish spring soap .50
x2 Colgate total toothpaste $1
x2 colgate toothpaste .75
x3 colgate toothbrush .40
x2 colgate 360 toothbrush $1
x1 Axe shower gel $1
x2 Schick quattro razor $2, different razor c. of this variety for $2
x1 speed stick deodorant .75 on 2 and .75 on 1
x1 All big bottle $1.50
x2 palmolive .25
x1 palmolive pure and clear .75
x3 cottenelle wipes .50
x2 Glade plugin refills $1 on 2
x2 Glade warmers, BOGO
x2 Glade spray $1 on 2
x2 Glade fabric refresher .75
x2 General mills cereal $1 on 2
x1 fiber one muffin mix $1
x1 Kraft dressing $1 on 2
x1 A1 steak sauce $1
x2 pizza rolls $1 on 2

I must apologize to my coupon partner on the train, I didn't realize that I would have so many coupons that I wouldn't be using. If no one claims these Katherine P. let me know if you would like them to be sent on to you.


  1. haha, thanks no I think I need to go through all mine! I have almost everyone you listed.

  2. Me too... lol. It amazes me how many I amass - who am I kidding - do I really *think* I will use them all?? LOL! (okay - sometimes I do, but seriously... most of the time...)