Friday, February 6, 2009


Tea - sample

Tire gauge - free sample

Children's place - listed with an additional 50% off clearance, use 15% off code SA19, 3% back from ebates

Wii game - Samba De Amigo Wii game for $9.99

Golden Bleu - handbags, 90% off sale, they are going out of business so no returns

Alloy - 80% off clearance sale, 3% back at ebates

Coupons - popcorn coupon, Hebrew franks coupon, and crunch n' munch

New York and Company - Use a Visa and this coupon to get $15 off of $50 in store purchase, 4% back from ebates

Gordon's - 20% off of one item, in store purchase. Just to let you know Gordon's is a jewelry store. 4% back from ebates

American Greetings cards- look at bottom right corner and click on "for special offer" to get a coupon for BOGO cards...this product is at CVS probably other places as well

Talbots - go and tell them about your worst Valentine's gift ever and get 20% off your order, plus you could win a trip to New York City to do a personal $1000 day receiving a $1000 wardrobe, Good Luck!

Coupons - $1 off excedrin 20 ct. in this group of coupons

Garnier Nurtioniste - $1 coupon and a coupon Reynolds Foil - $1 coupon, as well as others

If you would like a coupon for $5 off of, just let me know. I can send a $5 coupon to five friends. They have used movies, books, and other items. You also get 3% back on a purchase from here through ebates. I got my kids homeschooling science book from here at about a $5 savings. If you are interested in the coupon just let me know.

Princess Bride - Best Buy has it on DVD for $4.99, do in store pick up or just go to the store and purchase and use your $2 coupon from and you will get the movie for $2.99! The movie coupons are all gone so I hope you already printed it out to make this sweet deal even sweeter. Amazon - has for $4.99 as well plus you are suppose to be able to get a magazine subscription for a year for an extra $ get free shipping with a $25 order.

Today's paper should have a $5 coupon off of the movie Madagascar looking for it. I heard this on local television so we should be in could shape...that is FRIDAY'S paper that is suppose to have the coupon.

CVS - via slickdeals, starting 2/08
Just in case you don't catch it...and I hesitate to tell because I know, I know that when I tell my store will be flooded and I won't get one but I am going to share anyway in hopes that you guys will leave one for little oh me...:) Anyway if you buy $20 with of P&G products (by the way pick up the Sunday paper because it is P&G week, maybe a couple of extra copies of the paper) you will get $15 off of the Madagascar 2 movie, then use your $5 coupon from Friday's paper and you will get the movie for free.

Pop Tarts - register for free samples and savings, after you sign up it takes you to the website and you can print a .55 coupon for pop tarts.

Welchs - BOGO coupon for Welchs Aquajuice

$10 off a DVD - buy 5 welchs juice and get a $10 gift certificate for any DVD

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