Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, had some free time

Well I had a little bit time so I thought I would share...

Kroger goodies:
Aside from the great sale going on...just a reminder this is the last day for the by 10 get $3 off sale, back to my original thought they had $1.99 for a big bottle of Pantene, Olay Ribbons bodywash closeout for $3 - use $1 paper coupon and $1 coupon on you P&Gesaver account to make it $1, $1.74 Windex wipes - use $1.50 ic coupon from RightatHome and get it for .24. Someone wiped out the free toilet paper for which I had 5 coupons to use, next time I guess.

In Friday's newspaper there were coupons for:
$5 off of Madagascar 2 in a 2 pack
$3 off of Madagascar 2 by itself
.35 of of Jif Peanut butter AND
2 coupons for Hardees

Goodhousekeeping magazine:
Coupon for $2 off of Balneol, coupon on Real California butter and real California cheese
Here is what I found just by investigating the ads:
Olay Professional - purchase $50 worth of Prox skin product which helps aging and then get $25 ...rebate form is on the link provided

Pantene - free a coupon for $1 off of Downy, $1 off of Dawn hand renewal formula, and coupon for a PUR water filter. At Kroger yesterday they had some REALLY BIG bottles of Pantene clearanced down to $ bad I didn't have coupon, but if you do then this was a great deal.

Free Magazine - free subscription to Clairol color source magazine, coupons in every issue! Says you have to enter a picture but you don't have to do this. Make sure to upgrade to the VIP status to get the free coupons and the magazine.

Quilted Northern - full refund if you don't enjoy the product

Clorox - Redesign the container of clorox wipes and register to win a trip to New York plus $1000 Macy's shopping spree.

Pedialyte - $1.50 coupon

Luvs - $1 coupon

Mega T Gum - $1 coupon

Mold Control - if you have a mold problem, here is a coupon for $5 off a jug or $2.50 off of a spray bottle of Mold Control

Always - sample...I have done this before but it accepted me again so maybe it has started over so give it a try.

From other sources:
Lions challenge - first 1,000 respondents will get 2 energy drinks to taste and then compare the difference

Alloy - Etnies shoes $9.99!!! This is an awesome deal, limited sizes.
Coupon Codes: FS on $25+: AKAAFF or AKAW25
$10 off $25: AKBGIFT
15% off entire order: SPRING

Lip Gloss - free item for Teens...not sure if others can get the offer or not

Books a Million - $5 off of $25 printable

Good luck to you. Remember tomorrow is P&G day. I will try to do a mock up of CVS as soon as I can. Thanks for coming to the site and I hope you are enjoying my finds. I went yesterday to Kroger and almost everything I bought I had a coupon for. I spent $89 for 72 items, I had $50 in coupons on my own. For some reason my P&G esaver account is STILL not working although I am working on the problem with the site people. Leave comments when you can.

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