Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday, Feb. 5th

Jennifer's blog - link, don't forget to keep checking up on her...she did 3 posts just yesterday. This is the link to the last one, to see the others go to the bottom of the post and click on "older posts", to see if she has added anything new click on "newer posts".

Shortcuts - they have added some more coupons that you can add to your Kroger card.

If you subscribe to Dinner Made Easy by Betty Crocker be looking in your email box for a link to a free meal planner that is magnetic with 52 pages, if not I am sorry but this is one that I can't send out.

Food City - I went to Food City yesterday and found Suave hair spray marked down to .65 a bottle, and used a .50 c on 2 making it .40 a bottle. I also got the milk for $2.99 and some Freezer Queen meals that were BOGO. Just to let you know you can get one Freezer Queen meal for $1.16, you don't have to buy 2 to get the special price.

Chadwicks - clearance prices starting at $6.99

ROC - $3 printable coupon, use this week at CVS for a good deal and money back

Mailable coupons - here is a list of mailable coupons, this way you don't have to waste ink. They come within about a week of your request.

Picture Hanging strips - $1 coupon, scotch brand

Boot sale - for an extra $6 off use code - WINTER09, plus you get free shipping.

TAG - $4 coupon on the book, $10 off the Leapfrog TAG book system

Used Videos - from family video, use code FREESHIP for free shipping, videos starting at $2.79

Children's Place - 15% off coupon, printable and online code

Betty Crocker - sign up for the email list and get a free Turtles Chex mix bar

Coupon Surfer - their coupons are very similar to Just to pass it along they have coupon for $1 off of two Kellogg's cereals, combine that with the coupons on for $1 off of two and you will get a $1 off each box of cereal, IF you go to Kroger.

Free coffee pot - buy 2 packs of the coffee for $14.95 and you get the coffee pot for free...make sure that you aren't signing up to continue receive coffee from them unless that is something that you want to do.

2009 Entertainment book - This is not free. It is a large book of coupons and discounts for entertainment type items, from dining, to travel, check it out if you are interested.

Roses - 2 Dozen roses and free shipping for $29.99, plus buy through ebates and get 13% back. This would be a great one to pass along for Valentine's day.

Ipod Shuffle - refurbished through Apple, price $39, 1% back on purchase through ebates

Free patchwork throw - here are the details: Promotion Code: BHPATCH4U, Free patchwork throw with any purchase! Offer valid until 2/16/09 or while supplies last. (Use the code at checkout and the throw is automatically added to your cart.) 3. Add 14-Piece Summer Serving Set $3.49. Final price : $3.49+ $4.99 shipping. 3% back on an order through ebates go through store Brylanehome

Cabot cheese and Skim Milk plus - .30 off the cheese, $1 on the milk

Colgate - $1 off of any 2

Blu-Ray movies - 15 different coupons for $3 off of blu-ray movies

Ebates - Okay I mentioned ebates alot today but some of you may be new to the blog and not know what I am talking about so I am going to explain that before I leave today. If you haven't signed up for ebates yet just click on the link and sign up you will get a $5 sign up bonus. After this when you order online you just go to ebates first, sign in, go to the stores tab, look for the online store, click on the link, and it takes you to the store and you start shopping. I generally go to the store link before hand put everything in my cart that I want and then go to ebates and follow the plan above, then when I get to the store through the ebates link I just go to my cart and everything is still there. Anyway the point of purchasing this way is that you get a rebate or a percentage back on everything you buy. For 3 months they combine your rebates and at the end of that time if you have received $5.01 in rebates then you will get a check or paypal for that amount, depending on what you personally choose to do. Also if people sign up when you ask them to then you will get an extra one time $5 bonus for that person AFTER they make a purchase. The first 3 months I did this I made $86! I have money waiting on me because the next 3 months I didn't have but $4.86 in rebates accumulated so I didn't have that $5.01 that was necessary to get my payout. For us who order on line this is a great way to get some of that money back. Did you know that you can order on line and do a store pick up like through Wal-Mart and you will still get that cash back? I made .20 on an order that I placed through Wal-Mart online but I am going to go to the store and pick there is another way to make money. Now every store doesn't offer rebates, unfortunately Amazon is one of those, but there are around 900 stores on the list, Children's Place is one. Anyway use this to make extra money. I will try to start listing the amount you can make buy purchasing through ebates in the blog.

Have a wonderful day.

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