Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009

First a link to Alicia's blog - link, she has listed some of the Walgreens items for this week and next week that I might have missed. Also some ideas on how to get some extra coupons so check her blog before you go to the store. All you who are following multiple blogs would benefit by signing up with blogger and becoming following of my blog and hers as well. When you do that all you do is go to, type in your email and password and this great page pops up that tells shows you all the blogs that you follow if they have update. That way there is no more guessing or checking two or three blogs, it is just one place and they link you to the rest. Consider it.

One other thing, I have been getting some questions about when to hand the cashier your coupons, etc. so I am going to clarify some things will quick. First of all let the cashier ring up your items, at Walmart I always put anything I need to price match at the end of my items so I don't forget. With the pricing match ladies you have to tell the cashier before they ring it up or right after. They have to have that product to scan, and then they can put in the new price. You need to have the ad handy and let them see it. After all your items are scanned and before you pay THEN you give them the coupons. After the coupons you pay. I hope this helps some of you. If you have questions don't hesitate to email me or post a comment. I will try to respond to it in a timely manner.

Sam's - wanted to re-mention this, spend $50 in P&G products at Sam's and get a $10 gift card for sams. Read the site for all the details.

Crystal Light - $1 printable coupon, mailable link (hint: you can do both...)

Talbots - 70% off sale

Chadwicks - $25 off of $100 code CH25

American Girl - 40% off of some items, use code CHRISSA to get $5 shipping, if you are interested in the Chrissa doll which is the doll of the year, you can get $10 off with the code above as well as the $5 shipping when you buy the Chrissa doll

Martina McBride - free mp3 download

19" computer monitor - from Dell for $94.05, have to followed details on this page

Wetseal - $1 leg shipping with code 1107WLCE

The Limited - awesome sale, says use 759 for 40% off then 25% additional code 754 which is suppose to be automatically entered in your cart, here is the link to the details

Coupon booklet - this is the febreeze, cascade, dawn, etc. coupon booklet. Always has about $30 worth of coupons and they send it to your home.

Time for me to run. Have you ever made a statement and then wished you hadn't been so adamant? Of course we all have, but here is mine. When I had the incident with Walgreens a couple of months ago (the one where I tried to use my RR but they wouldn't let me for the computer said it was over even though it wasn't and then the manager commented that I had used alot of coupons, which had nothing to do with the fact that the RR wouldn't work) I told them I would not be coming back and now they have something that I want to purchase for myself as well as for my what do I do? Break my vow or go to a different Walgreens? What is your vote, leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. I would go to another Walgreens or send someone else (like hubby) in to do my dirty work. LOL. :) I also learned not to say that anymore because there is always some sale or deal that will suck you back in. LOL! Although, I am not adverse to saying I won't be back to X store and give my business to a friendlier store in the same chain. So, that's my .02, for what it's worth!!

    I saw this post regarding Sam's on another blog. $25.00 GC for a new membership. So, I'm wondering if you could combine the offers. If you don't have a membership, maybe you could get a membership, get the 25.00 gc, spend 50.00 in P&G (probably not hard to do at Sam's), pay 25.00 of it with the first GC, and get back another 10.00 gc. OOP would be 15 (plus tax), and you'd have 10.00 to spend later -right? Is the P&G coupon booklet thing still going? If so, then that may make the deal even sweeter...

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope that people are reading your comments. Thanks for the help and the vote!