Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, Jan. 16, 2009

Oh, boy is it cold! We started at a blistery 5 degrees this morning! I have no idea how "warm" it is now. Try to keep warm.

Here are a couple of things that I did yesterday that are still good until Sunday:
CVS, the container where the milk is located had some peelie coupons for .50 off of Nesquik, can use this at Kroger this week and get them for free, also coupons for $1 off of a oreo cookie and a gallon of milk...use at Walmart, will explain in a moment. They also have some Loreal vive shampoo that was marked down to $1.25 would be great with a $1 coupon if yours hasn't expired. CVS brand shampoo and conditioner that is similar to Frucitis Garnier is clearanced down to $1...go to and print off the coupon that is good for $3 of any CVS brand product buy 3 bottles and get them all for free.

Walmart sales and what I got that was good:
Suave lotion .97 - $1 c = -.03
Oreo cookie (in the christmas clearance area) $1.50 - $1 c = .50 + buy the milk, use coupon from CVS
White Cloud tissue paper $2.24 - $1 ic = $1.24
Mini pringles $1.88 - $1 c = .88
Strawberry or Blueberry muffin mini wheats $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50
Purina cat Chow $4.33 - $4 ic = .33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scrubbing Bubbles $1.90 (price match from Walgreens) - $1 c = .90
Kotex lightdays $1 - .75c = .25
That would have been an impressive ticket if that was all that I needed to get but alas it was not, oh well.

Good Housekeeping magazine coupon list:
Pounce cat treats $1 off of 2
Refresh tears $1 off of 1, $3 off of 2
Fanci-full hair color .55
Kozy Shack no sugar (looks like pudding) .25
Healthy Choice meals Buy 5 get one free
$5 off of $10 at Build a Bear
Farm Rich Cheese sticks $1
Weight Watcher snacks $1 off of 2
Texas Toast .50
Pepperidge Farm bread .50
Seapak item $1

I got a subscription to this magazine from a catalina at Kroger. I just sent in my little certificate and got a 12 month free subscription. I don't really read the articles but I do so love the few extra coupons that I get. Sorry I don't know how much the magazine is in the store, so you will have to determine if there is enough here for you to purchase. The rest of these links are links that I found either from my email box OR from just thumbing through the Good Housekeeping magazine. Make sure that if you are getting magazines in your home that you are thumbing through them, IF they list a website LOOK IT UP, lots of times they have coupons listed on their site. Most of the coupon listings will be under Promotions or Special offers.

Dove - coupons

Avon - SALE!!! Okay so avon is always having a sale but here is the latest shipping code, free shipping with a $20 purchase, code - RFSC3

Refresh brand tears and contact lens comfort drops $4 coupon on the site...if you become a member they will send you more coupons.

Farm Rich - 2 printable coupons

Smart Ones and Hanes - Through the Weight Watchers website, $1 coupon on both items, direct Hanes coupon link - here this is a coupon for $1 off of a sports bra from Hanes it is a pdf file so you can print multiple copies; Smart Ones direct link - here, this is for $1 off of 5

Robitussin - sign up for a $2 coupon

Activa challenge - eat everyday for 2 weeks and if you don't feel a difference you can get all of your money back...this link has the details

Thoat cooler - Buy one get one free coupon, it soothes and hydrates a dry scratchy throat...available at CVS and Rite Aid, direct coupon link - here

Victoria Secret - bra and panty sale, extra 20% off until Sunday

Skinny Dippers diet - BOGO coupon

Rebate - buy Blue pet food + Oliver and Company or Space Buddies on DVD and get $5 rebate

Blue Diamond - .50 printable coupon on these nuts

International Delight - $1 coupon on this coffee creamer

Hylands Leg Cramps - 2 day free sample

Jolly Time popcorn - here are some of their promotions, way to get a free bag and a free pedometer, plus get printable coupons, $1 off of 1, $2 off of 2 and $3 off of 3 boxes. You have to sign up or sign in to print the coupons.

Mega T green chewing gum - $1 printable coupon

Laura's Lean Beef - check to see if it is available in your area and then sign up for emails and get a coupon, most Food City stores carry this brand

Barnes and Noble - 10% off coupon printable, plus online code for 10% off

Okay now the rest of the post will be from searching the net:
Pizza Hut - $5 off of a $15 order if you order online

8.9" laptop - ACER brand, good specs, one of those mini laptops on sale at for $299.95

American Eagle - order 2 clearance items and get free shipping

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  1. ARGH! I didn't know that CVS had the nesquick q's!!! I'm so totally going. Maybe. It *is* cold out! DD likes the nesquick, and I only buy it for her when it's free after coupons! lol!

    Don't know if your readers are CVS shoppers - I am thinking of getting back into it again... but the throat coolers are free after ECB's this month - limit 5. So... if they get 2 at 9.98, use the bogo coupon and pay 4.99 + tax, and get back 9.98 in ECB's. Gonna post my scenario in a little bit if anyone's interested.

    I think I saw the smaller bags of Iams at walmart for 3.33/4.99ish... There's a recent coupon for 3.00 off of a bag. Relatively cheap cat/dog food at Walmart. :)