Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 17th

I want to respond to a comment made on the last two posts: Target is a great store to go to because if a coupon beeps they look at it briefly, realize that you bought the thing and send it on through! You don't feel like they are scrutinizing you like you are trying to scam them. I try very hard to not abuse the coupons because quite frankly I don't want them to take away my right to use them. The Wal-Mart episode on Monday was stupid. Think about it. I may have been getting the product for nothing but tax BUT they would have gotten the $2 back from the manufacturer when they sent in the coupon and redeemed the price. By refusing to use the coupon they lost the whole sale and got nothing! I had my son with me and I was in a hurry so I just didn't really want to do 6 transactions nor did I want to argue with the manager at that point in time, but one of these days...POW!, right in the kisser...:) Just kidding, I really love that line from the Honeymooners, it is just timeless. Anyway, lets move on....

Walgreens Redbox DVD rental - code, for a free one - 9WAG27. Thanks Alicia! (All you lovely ladies and gents need to join blogger and add Alicia's blog to your account so you can see when she ads something new.)

Walmart - Clothing clearance, starting at $1, shipping .97 OR free shipping to the store (probably not on all items), use ebates to get money back EVEN on shipping to the store items.

Mickey Mouse - M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, don't you hear that song everytime you say his name, anyway has the big stuffed Mickey for $9.99, plus an Eeyore, Minnie Mouse, and Pooh...normally $39.50

Gaming Chair - This is an UNBELIEVABLE deal. These were marked down on Black Friday at WalMart for around $30, and these are $14.99!!!! Free in store pick up or you can order 2 and get free shipping to your home. Because at Circuit City you get free shipping on a $24 order.

Lifeway - This is a Christian book store, printable coupon for 33% off of one regular priced item this Friday and Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 pm ONLY!

Old Navy - Huge list of under $5 items...after reading the post looks like you get free shipping if you buy a piperlime item.

Karmaloop - 40% off code - SANTA, or 30% off and free shipping code - YULE

Shop Justice - sale, 40% off code - 763

Barnes and Noble - 25% off code - P4X8X3H

Smartbalance - printable coupons

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  1. You are right - they lost all money from that sale! I often wonder if they really understand couopns, or if they get upset when someone gets a better deal. I have also learned to just walk away from some situations - sometimes you can't help it (i.e. cranky kids, don't want to ruin your day, etc...)

    The whole purchase vs. transaction thing has gotten to a point that if you look at your coupons, some of the newer ones are saying "one per item purchased" instead of the infamous "one per purchase"! Pretty soon the coupons are going to be 8x11 just to make sure they put all the information on them (i.e. when the coupon says "any" of X brand, it means this and this and this product!) *sigh*

    As for abusing couopns - I *know* it happens - and those times that people knowingly abuse them are the times that honest couponers will get hurt. (one of the reasons IPs get scrutinized because of all the fraudulent "copies" people make!) Sure, there are accidental usages of q's that expired a few days before, but overall - I think (or hope!) most of us try to be diligent in using coupons the way they are intended/worded! We've proved that you can get awesome, budget wise deals using coupons in legitimate ways!

    And in case I havent mentioned it lately - thank you for all your work and deal postings!