Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 15th, Monday

Christmas idea: I really love this idea. I received one of these as a bridesmaid's gift and they are really neat. It is called Wish a Pearl. (Just go to and type in Wish a Pearl and look at all the different sites that pop up, it is sold at Target for $33.95, or at Amazon for $12.95 + $4.95 shipping.) The kit contains a oyster, an opening tool, a charm, and a necklace. The recipient gets to pry open the oyster, push around in the gooey stuff and dig out their very own pearl! Then you just open the little cage on the charm, and you have a beautiful pearl necklace. This gift is guaranteed to thrill any woman, young or old.

Before I get started I have to say that I had a distasteful experience at my local Walgreens. I purchased two children's toothpaste items that were 2/$4 used two coupons and got a RR for $2. Then I was going to use the $2 coupon on my next order, and well it just wouldn't let me. Some sorry excuse about how the purchase was over...the total price was $5.xx and the tax was .92. I told them to call a manager because it should go, well he looked at my receipt and said, "You used a lot of coupons.." I said, "Yeah, but it is still not over and I should be able to use my RR." He just commented that it wouldn't take it so that was that. I gave my RR to someone in the store and told them I hoped they had better luck and I wouldn't be coming back. IF, and that is a BIG IF, I go to Walgreens it will be at another store. Why make an offer that a person can't even use. The same thing happened to my friend last week. They seem to have a problem letting you use your coupons if they have something on sale. If you do decide to visit their establishment and you use RRs make sure to use it first before you use any other coupons. I wish each of you luck.

Regardless of my disdain for Walgreens at the moment they do have some good deals IF they will let you use your coupons:
Colgate toothpaste .99 - .75 c = .24
2 x Scotch packaging tape $3 bogo - $1 c - $1 c = $1, or .50 a piece
Bic lighter $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50

CVS deals:
Bayer Contour blood glucose meter $14.99 - $30 c. (they type $14.99) = $0, $5 ECB
Gillette Fusion razor $9.99 + Gillette single $5.99 = $15.98 - $4 c = $11.98, $5 ECB
Pantene $5.99 - $2 c = $3.99, $2 ECB
Schick Quattro razor $7.99 - $2 = $5.99, $3 ECB
Thanks to Black Friday ECBs I save $126.11 in savings on my CVS ticket this week!

Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance sample - link
Free Chopra Calendar - link

Some of my finds:
$10 back - $10 back on a Gillette Fusion razor and an xbox sports game, this razor will be on sale at CVS this week, buy $15 get $5 ECB, $4 coupon from newspaper.

Free 6" lamb - free printable coupon for this lamb at Bath and Body with any purchase...they have soap on sale for $2.50 or 4 for $10.

Crest spinbrush - $2 printable coupon, use at CVS this week, $5.99 - $2 c = $3.99, get $2 ECB

White Cloud $1 printable coupon

Eversave .55 on Honey Nut cheerios, on sale at Walgreens starting Sunday for $1.99 use coupons to make it $1.44, if you don't have the $1 coupon from before.

CVS coupons - Really good ones...check them out.

Walgreens $25 gift card for a transferred prescription

Goody's hairbrush - $1 printable coupon, Walgreens has B1G1 50% next week

Toy list - Here is Amazon's sale toy list. There are some Polly Pocket items that are running $6.99 that at one time were $21!

Mary Kay - Free 4 piece Mary Kay sample

$27 P&G coupon booklet - comes through the mail

Fashion Bug - $10 off of $25 code - 776247900

Cereal - $1/2 General Mills cereal, use at Walgreens this week, cereal for $1.99. Or go to and get .55 off of each box.

Gap - Today and tomorrow, Dec 15 and Dec 16, get $20 off of $100 and free shipping use code -GIFT.

Old Navy - Good until tomorrow, Dec 16, get free shipping code - JOY, and get 10% off of a $75 order with code - ONHOLIDAY.

Off to check sale papers. Hopefully I will have more for you tomorrow. I hope that your holiday shopping is going well.


  1. Awww... sorry you are having such rotten luck with coupons and stores! I find that Walmart and Walgreens are hit or miss depending on the cashier/manager. I've gotten some of the most bizzarre statements from them!

    For Walgreens, did you give the RR first? I never have a problem if I pay with my RR first, then all my other q's - using the IVC and ad q's last. Otherwise, it could just be one of those famous Walgreen's RR glitches. :(

    Target is one of my new favorite stores. If the coupon beeps, the K1 it and keep going. Very weird when you are used to having to explain or prove things to cashiers!

  2. I remember doing that pearl thing. Kelly Wolfe gagged....never would have that she'd be squeamish! I'm glad you still remember that "unique" experience.