Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, Nov. 20th

Money Saving Tip #13: We all by some kind of bread and sometimes it can get very expensive. One way to cut down on the cost of your bread purchases is to purchase from a bread store or from a place like UGO (United Grocery Outlet). (Thanks R.P. and K.W.)

Check out Alicia's Blog for some more mailable coupons.

Some of you ladies have expressed that you don't currently have a working printer or that you have no printer at all so you aren't going to the coupon links. Go ahead and click on the link to print and when the page comes up to print go to the bottom and click on the help button most of the time a page will pop up so that you can have the coupon mailed to you.

One more thing, I am so glad that you guys think that $67 is a good deal for a jar of Heinz turkey gravy...:) My thanks to DixieDiva (Jennifer). She was the only one that caught my mistake. Amazing how the brain doesn't catch certain things when they are just close enough to what we thought it was suppose to be. I did fix it, again thanks for the feedback.

Here are some of my finds:
This was from the Slickdeals forum and list some of the items for free this week IF you have a coupon. Some of the highlights below are printable coupons so roll over them to see:

Joint Juice $0.99 - $1 Q (V 11/2) = free
Muir Glen $1.19 - $1 IPQ = $0.19

Baking Soda $0.54 - $1/2 Q = $0.04 each wyb 2
Progresso Soup $1.30 - $1.10 IPQ = $0.20
Vlassic Pickle Relish $1 - $1 IPQ = free

Chex Mix $0.99 - $1 IPQ = free

Duncan Hines Carrot Cake Mix $1 - $1Q (SS 11/9) = free (our Kroger has this cake mix for $1.79 or something like that, it is not on sale for $1, still cheaper than a regular cake mix)
Kroger Broth $0.33 (reg price)

There are $1 tearpad Qs on or near Jack Daniel's products that say Jack & Coke, but they're really only $1 for Coke products, no alcohol required. CVS has 2-liters for $1 = free.
Powerade or Powerade Zero, 20 or 32 oz. $1 (11-30-08) SS 7/13/08 This is $1 at CVS and likely other places this week.

Here are some more goodies:
Glade candles more glade candle coupons, these are different from the ones I sent yesterday.

Smartsource, visit for turkey coupons and other good deals. There is also .50 on no egg yolk noodles use at Kroger to make it free. Another coupon for $3 off of 2 Johnson and Johnson first aid products.

Talbots - 30% off code - 027463365

Cottenelle coupons - printing again

Dove Body Lotion - $1.50 coupon, working again.

Coupon list - pdf links, look to make sure it hasn't expired before you print them, Thanks to Slickdeals for this list.

Freegrabber - list
Free Sample of new omega go - link
Free Jawbone ear buds - link

Aeropostale - 30% code - FRIENDS08

JcPennys - In store only $10 off of $25 coupon.

IKEA - Black Friday Ad

Bass Pro - Black Friday Ad

Guitar Hero - At Best Buy. This link for the Playstation 3, price $59.99. They also have the Guitar Hero for the Wii and the other game systems for $59.99 + shipping, just use search to find.

Wilson's Leather - Clearance purses. They look kind of pricey but they have an additional 40% off this price (at least that is what it looks like to me) and here is an additional code for 10% off and free shipping...3118.

Walgreens - Black Friday ad, includes a printable coupon for $10 off of $40 ending 11/25/08.

CVS - Black Friday ad.

Free pencil - free mechanical pencil.

Lancome - Find a Lancome beauty counter near you for 10 day supply of foundation for free.

Sea Salts - Request a catalog and get 3 free sea salt samples.

Carnation Instant Breakfast - $4 off of 3 items. Best way to use this is by purchasing 3 individuals least that is what people are saying.

Pampers - Fill out the form to get $1.50 coupon by mail.

Some of my best finds yesterday:
Hobby Lobby:
bought 4 items and used 4- 40% off coupons...I had each of my kids buy one of my items, price was originally $2.54 a piece, went to $1.63 a piece.

7 -Reusable tote bags .50 = $3.50 (had to have the manager fix them because they don't have the right color in the store, I plan on either sticking these in my Christmas baskets OR making this the Christmas bag for my goodies)
2 - Stovetop .79 a piece
Colgate toothpaste $2.49 - $1 store coupon - $1.50 c = -.01
3 - Sunsilk two packs $2.99 a piece, Used (2) $1.50 c. on stylers and one $2 off of 2 Sunsilk products, made two of the packs $1.49 a piece and one of the packs .99
Goody's ouchless ponytail holders $2.19 - $2 c = .19
Total was $10.84

Kroger: (not telling all just the best)
Cottenelle tissue .99 - .25 c - .25dc = .49
2 Blue Bonnet margarine .77 - (2) .50 c - .27 dc = free (no overage but came out free)
4 bags steam fresh vegs. - $4 - $1 c (catalina) - .50 c - .50 dc - (2) .35 c -(2) .35 dc = .60
3 jars of Heinz gravy $3 - $1 c = $2
4 boxes of Green Giant vegs $4 - (2) .50c - (2) .50 dc = $2
Kroger sour cream $1 - $1 kroger c = free
Eddy's ice cream $2.50 - $1 c = $1.50
Pillsbury biscuits $1.99 - .40 c - .40dc = $1.19
2- Betty Crocker Frosting $2.68 - (2) .50c - (2) .50dc = .68

While looking at my receipt I just noticed that one bag of biscuits that I got was not on sale AND my Reddiwhip didn't get marked down. I had all three kids so I guess I did good not to make anymore mistakes than this but I am so mad at myself because that was about $5 more dollars on my bill! Make sure you pick up the right sizes for the deals to work.

I hope that this will help some of you this week. I am actively looking everyday for the Black Friday rumor ads for Wal-Mart, as soon as I see it you will have it as well. They drag their feet more than the other stores. Just a heads up someone told me that the great Wii deal on the Sam's site was pulled. I haven't looked into it myself but I thought it sounded too good to be true.

Have a great day and as always if I find any other deals I will be sure to post them later in the day, just look for the bold print!

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