Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

First of all I want to direct you guys to Jennifer's Blog and Alicia's blog. Jennifer has some great coupons, coupon codes, and some freebie sites and Alicia has some great information on Kmart and the upcoming double coupons. The coupon doubles will be happening on Nov. 30 - Dec. 8, I think...someone comment and correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, go check them out.

Next week I am going to start mentioning gift ideas for Christmas, ways you can give a great gift without spending alot of money. There will be a couple of those on here today just because they are coming with my email.

Sam's Club is having the Holiday Taste of Sam's Club, sample holiday dishes from now until Nov. 23. This is a great way to have lunch if you are near a Sam's. :) Sam's Club Membership - give a membership to Sam's Club as a gift for Christmas.

Avon - 60% off and free shipping on $10 with code - 1128FSW.

Barnes and Noble - Become and member and receive a 50%, 30% or 20% coupon. Coupons and online code -M4M8N4N, have to be a club member to use these coupons that I have posted, or like I said become and member and get your own set using the first link.

Kraft cookbook - Make your own personalized cookbook and give as a Christmas gift.

Eat Better America - coupons, yesterday one of the free items at one of the stores was for Meir Glen, the coupon is here.

Victoria Secret - current codes free ship on $100 - SHPSAVE, $30 off $175 code - 30OFF, free scarf with sweater purchase code - CTNSCARE.

Mission Toritllas - coupon for signing up. brick link

Chadwicks, $50 off of $150, $25 off of $75, code CHGIVE, expires 11/23/08

Toothpaste - $1 off of Age defying arm and hammer toothpaste.

Clorox toilet Wand - $5 coupon

Glad Trash bags - $1 coupon printable

Target coupons - includes $1 off of 5 lb. of Green Giant potatoes

Cheerios - $1 printable.

Hostess - coupons for the 100 calorie packs, will have to click on coupons at the top, enter email and name and they send the coupon to your email.

Johnson's Baby Oil $1 off coupon

Listerine - $1 off of Agent Cool Blue and $1 off of Smart Rinse

Lubriderm - $1 coupon

Lysol - $1 off of Lysol spray and $1 off of lysol wipes

No Nonsense - $2 off of panty hose, comes in the mail

OCelo - $1 off of two sponges, printable.

OCelo $1 off of OCelo expressions, printable.

Popcorn - Orville Redenbacher's $1 coupon on popcorn, lime and salt variety.

Pledge $1 printable on the second page.

Pro-Plan Purina - $3 off of dog or cat food.

Action Scrubber - $2.75 off of Scrubbing Bubbles action scrubber.

Scrubbing Bubbles - $12 in coupons for Scrubbing Bubble products

South Beach $1 off of South Beach Living bars

Stayfree $1 printable coupon.

Tide on the go $1 off of the pen, this is mailable.

Tyson - Rotisserie pork $3 printable coupon.

Healthy Choice $1 off of 2 Healthy choice steamers, printable coupon.

Expo $2 off of an expo click marker

Chex mix - Check Mix bar sample...have to sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter.

Claritin - Printable coupons

Malt-O-Meal - $1 cereal coupon

Seventh generation - big list of coupons for Seventh generation products

Flushable pet bag - Request a sample.

Gamestop - Black Friday ads, with coupon for 16% off of used games and dvd + free shipping

Old Navy - Black Friday ads, with coupon for 15% off in store and online

Speedo - 75% off sale plus an additional 30% with code - SPDFRIEND4.

GNC - $5 off of $25, printable

Lean Cuisine - $1 printable coupon, have mailed to you

Clean and Clear - $2 printable coupon, have mailed to you

Leapfrog - 30% coupon code - HY8NFF

Hope you enjoy today.

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