Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, Nov. 23

Had a little bit of time today so thought I would pass along some of the CVS deals for the week:

CVS make sure to check out the slickdeals forum for extra help and links for coupons that you might want that I didn't post here.
Mineral Power Maybelline make-up $8.99 - $2 c (from Kmart beauty book) = $6.99 + $8.99 ECB
Crest Spinbrush - $5.99 - $2 c link = $3.99 + $2 ECB
Contact solution $8.99 - $2 c link = $6.99 + $8.99 ECB
Right Guard Professional deodorant $7.99 -$2 c, supposedly on the package = $5.99 + $7 ECB
Engerizer batteries Buy $20 - $1 c link - $1 c = $18 + $10 ECB (can print 2 of these c's out)

Walgreens - check out Slickdeals for the best information on the sales, RR available, and coupon links. More coupons than what I have listed so make sure to check it out the Walgreens link if you are interested in their sales.
Excedrin BOGO $4.49 - (2) $2 c link = $.49 for 2 (can print 2 c)

$3 Kung Fu Panda Rebate - Buy 5 Conagra products and the Kung Fu Panda movie and get a $3 rebate. The website is down at the moment so I don't have all the details. I will fill in more when I get them.

$3 Narnia Rebate - Buy Scotch tape (coupons for Scotch tape located in this weeks Sunday paper) for wrapping those Christmas gifts and buy the Narnia movie and get $3 back. Use the $3 coupon from the Walle movie and get it for even cheaper!

Carvel - Certain Carvel Ice Cream cakes are coming with an offer for a free Cabbage Patch kids DVD. Can purchase these cakes at Kroger, or use the link provided to find the nearest store to you.

Toysrus has the Little Mermaid DVD for $14.99, price check at Wal-Mart.


I am done for the day...I have to go look at the Walmart ad!

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