Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, Nov. 19th

Money Saving Tip #12: You know all those magazines that you have been getting and just setting aside for a later time, well now is the time! All magazine have ads, right? Well most companies now have a web address, right? Have you ever noticed that on the ad, with the web address that sometimes that will put "free sample" or "free coupon"? Well if you haven't found it now is the time to start looking. My tip for today is to starting pouring over your magazines with a fine tooth comb and look at all ads with a web address. Some will just come out and tell you they offer the sample or the coupon others don't. If the address is there then go to the computer and check it out, especially if this is a product you like to buy. If you don't get magazines then take a small notebook to the doctor's office and while you wait pour over THEIR magazines! Enjoy.

If you did the Walle deal at CVS then you will receive these coupons:
$3 off of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Rebate form for $10 if you buy Walle on regular DVD and Blu-Ray
$5 on admission to the Kennedy Space Center (use promo code MOVIE at Kenndy Space Center
$5 coupon when buy Sylvania light bulbs and Walle movie link (Extra from Sylvania, save $5 or $10 on a pair of headlights for your vehicle; free tote by mail with light bulb purchase; enter zip code to see if your electric company offers a rebate for purchases of these bulbs.)
$5 Disney books with free shipping - link
$5 off of purchase of Walle and 2 minute maid products -rebate form
When you get your movie you have a special code you can enter for a chance to win a trip to the Kennedy Space is the link for that.

Glade coupons - Can print up to 2 times per computer. Coupons include $1 off of one jar candle, buy 2 refill packs and get one free, buy 1 refill get one free; great for use on the CVS glade deal this week.

Resturant gift cards - Save 80%, pay $2 of a $25 gift certificate. Thanks to Alicia. Check out Alicia's blog for some coupon offers and some more ideas. She tells about the up and coming Kmart doubles. And a list of mailable/printable coupons.

Arm and Hammer - $1/2 baking soda coupon; found on Jennifer's blog.

Freegrabber - list
Free Comic Books from the Federal Reserve - link

Dick's Sporting Goods - Black Friday Ad. Dicks coupon $10 off of $25.

Burlington Coat Factory - Black Friday Ad.

Target - Black Friday Ad.

Baby Universe - Here are some clearance items, some items have free shipping.

American Eagle - 20% off code - 48761907. Tops are also BOGO.

Ebay - 10% coupon code - CHOLIDAYNOV2008

Macy's - $10 off of $25, in store only, expires today.

Kotex Liner - sample, through Wal-Mart.

Degree for Men - sample

Glad bags - sample, I may have done this one already but it seemed to have no issues letting me partake again.

Gain - sample and coupon

Hobby Lobby - weekly 40% coupon

Heinz Gravy - coupon, $1 off of 3, on sale this week at Kroger for $1, use coupon to make it .67 a piece.

Okay that is it for now. Check back later for any additions.

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  1. Wahoo thanks for the promo! Oh and just so you can correct it, I think you meant .67 a piece for the heinz gravy, not $67 YIKES! =)Now I gotta go work on mine for today!