Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tangled Tuesday, Oct. 28th

For those of you don't know Kmart stores have been running a promotion where you get to double your coupons for $2 and under. There are some rules to follow. One is that internet coupons will not be doubled. Two is that there is a 75 coupon limit, so you can only use 75 coupons at one transaction. This special has been circulating around different stores at different times and now it is finally in our area! Since it is in the local ad it should be good until Saturday, Nov. 1st. Here is a link to the local ads.

More coupons for Progresso soup.

Victoria Secret
More great codes - 25% off of ANY one item use 25CLOTHING. If you buy a sweater that is $19 or up you can also get a free beauty rush lip gloss set using code - RUSH08. Seems that one person purchased a scarf/hat/glove set for $5.99 and was able to get the lip gloss free. With VS you can play with the codes before your order goes through. So play with it and see how cheap you can get it to go. If you have ever ordered from VS then you know that you can use up to 3 codes on one order. Use Ebates (use this link to register if you haven't yet) to make 2% back on any order.

Chex Mix
Sample bar of Chex Mix. May just be for new people registering for the Betty Crocker magazine but give it a try.

Woman Within
$10 off of $10, even off of clearance, use code - WWRAFAPR.



Free Taco
Don't forget your free Taco, today from 2 - 6 at Taco Bell.

Kmart coupon
$5 off of a $19.99 shoe purchase...if you are headed there for the double coupon sale might as well buy some shoes!

Several printable coupons.

The Limited
Printable coupon good until November 2. Good for $30 off of $100 or $20 off of $60. Use ring code - 528 to get the discount on-line.

Dick's Sporting Goods
Printable for $15 off of $75.

Coupons for Rubbermaid bowls.

Okay ladies that is it for now. Check back this afternoon because I could have tacked something onto the bottom if I find something else that I don't think will wait until tomorrow.

If for any reason one of the links doesn't work leave a comment and let me know. I am going back and double checking but there is always the possibility that I will make a mistake, I don't know if I should admit that but there it is in writing for the WHOLE world to see. Have a great day.

Added: Free Tote
Use link to apply to get a free tote.

Scott coupons
Coupons for paper towels or tissue paper.


  1. Just making sure I can leave a comment now :).

  2. Thanks for the info on the free taco! It was very helpful when we were cleaning out the old apartment and needed a quick bite to tide us over!