Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday deals

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. Here are the freebies and coupons that I have for you this morning.

Vaseline lotion sample
This is a sample from Costco. You do not need a member number to get the sample.

Kotex sample
Got to love Kotex. They are always sharing their products AND their coupons, which in turn makes me buy more Kotex...ahhh, I love free stuff.

Sample of Metamucil Berry Burst flavor.

Feline Fresh Cat
If you would like to try this cat liter for FREE then print this rebate form.

Colgate coupon or colgate
$1.50 printable coupon for Colgate total toothpaste.

Dunkin Donuts coffee
Free sample...don't wait long these won't last.

Baby bag
If you are having a baby soon print out this certificate and take it with you. At participating hospitals you will receive a free baby bag, a magazine, and a sample of Enfamil Lipil formula.

Soy Joy coupon
Soy Joy coupon for $3 off of 5 bars, use at CVS this week, works like this:
Soy Joy x5 = $5.00
- $3.00 (coupon from above)
= $2.00 oop (out of pocket) plus $4.00 ECB (extra care bucks) you make $2!!!

Progresso soup
$1.10 printable coupon ON ONE CAN!

Chex Mix bars
$1.25 printable coupon.

$1.00 off of 2, printable coupon for Deer Park aquapod water.

Nestle candy
$1.00 printable off of one bag, good until November 15th so can use for that after Halloween clearance.

I have to share something I read this morning. I hope this doesn't offend anybody because it is not meant to, I just thought it was funny. On one of the forums I was looking at this woman said her parents were asking her how she was ever going to eat all the food that she had in her pantry and she told her mother, "Some families are on food stamps, our family is on coupons!" Ain't it the truth!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Added: Chadwicks - clearance sale with 75% off. Use code CHRAFAPR, to get $10 off of $10. Use ebates to make money back on this purchase.

Ipod - Apple iPod Nano 2GB is $59.99 with free shipping at This is a reconditioned item. If you signed up for ebates through one of my earlier posts you can use ebates to save extra money on this purchase. Work it like this:
- click on the link above
- put the ipod in your cart
- open a new window
- go to your ebates account, click all stores
- go to or buy
- go to your cart
- check out
It is that simple. You will get a great price PLUS money back on your purchase.

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