Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wild Wednesday, Oct. 29th

Each day I will send a saving money tip. One days tip may have nothing to do with the next days tip. I hope you enjoy these:
Tip #1:
VOTE! I know that some of you think "this is not a money saving tip!" but when you consider that the current Congress is considering passing a law that will tax 401K's any where from 39% to 16% then you can bet that voting is a money saving tip. Here is a website to use to make an educated voting decision - link. You can put in your zip code and you receive information on everyone that is voting and what they stand for. It is not enough just to go pull the lever, we need to know who we are voting for. If you didn't register in time for this election don't worry you have 2 years to mull over your mistake and do research to find the best candidate for next time. :)

On to today's meager finds:
Feed the Pig
This is a book that helps your tween know how to use money.
Each Kit Contains:
1 The Great Piglet Challenge DVD (game)
1 Feed the Pig for Tweens Teacher's Guide (includes Bankes Bucks and Family Goal)
1 Bankes Piglet Cards (set of 12)

Free Flosser
Some of us have already done this one but for all you newbies I thought I would pass it along again.

Playstation 3 has the Playstation 3 for $399.99 use code PWXNZVNDRWWX1P for 15% off .(only good for the first 3000 uses) Should have free shipping, and with code should be around $339 before tax. It has come to my attention that the coupon above has expired. Sorry.
Try this one - R$LL47$9ZSQG3S. Remember to purchase through ebates to get extra cash back.

Duffel bags
B1G1 free at Kohls, shipping is $1.98. For 10% use code - NEW5127. If you have a Kohl's card use free shipping code - MVC6951 and 15% code - FALL15OFF.

Low Rise slip shoes
From Lands End, $19.99, use code BRISK and pin 2850 for free shipping.

Breeze Kitty Litter
$10 coupon for the new system.

Idaho potatoes
Free coupon for Idaho potatoes. Have to do a short survey which will determine whether you get a coupon for free potatoes or a coupon for .75 cents off of three.

Wet Seal
All sweaters buy 1 get one 50% off. For free shipping use code - WSWL1008.

Remember to use ebates for all these purchases to make money back.

Come back later for a post of some of the Kmart deals, using the ad and coupons you should have.

Added: Budget Mom
Okay looks alot like BUT had another coupon for .30 off of dominoes sugar and plus $5 off of a Kodak picture movie dvd. Just thought I would share.

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