Friday, October 3, 2008

Places to Get Coupons

This is an old post that I am republishing for all you new people that might be dropping by. Enjoy!

Most of you out there in the couponing world have probably already discovered most of these sites but for those of you who haven't taken the time to look I have compiled a list of places to acquire coupons. It is fairly common knowledge that most papers come with coupons but there are many other places that I would like to share with you.

If you have used google or any kind of search engine and looked for coupons you have probably found most of these listed as individual links or in other blogs or articles. This list is to compile my coupon links in one place to help those that may just be getting started.

Now for the list:

  1. Local newspaper

  2. Big city Sunday paper. Have this delivered to your home if at all possible. Not only does the paper have great coupons but it also contains those sales papers that we need to use our coupons. You can maximize your savings by price checking items at one store instead of driving all over town, but you need the sales ad to do this.

  3. All You Magazine. I have discussed this at length. It is sold at Wal-Mart. I recommend that you subscribe and have it sent to your home AND that you pick up extra copies at the store.

  4. Join a coupon train in your area. A coupon train is where you get your coupons from the paper, keep the ones you like, and send the ones you don't need onto another person. This is a great way to get some really good coupons.

  5. Try the grocery game. My understanding is that this does have a small fee. The way this works is you get information on sales that have yet to be published and on coupons that you have yet to receive. This way you can decide whether it is better to use the coupon now or hold onto it and wait another couple of weeks until the sale is better.

Internet resources for coupons:

  1. (on the side of the blog)
  8. (Procter and gamble)
  11. (printables and ditigal coupons)
  15. Nestle coupon offers.

Just a note this is by no means all the places to receive coupons. Most companies have begun offering coupons on their websites on a regular basis. These means that any brand name product that you purchase may have a coupon listed on the manufacturer's website, so look them up before you go to the store. This is just a proven starter listed. Tomorrow I will talk about places to use coupons and some basic tips. Make sure to read the comments that people are posting on the blog for additional helpful information.

Also as a side note, following this post is a post that shows my coupon book and also a link to a coupon train that you might like to join. The coupon train has saved me TONS of money because I am able to get double coupons without buying extra papers.


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