Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weight Loss Journey Day One

I am sure that many of you have noticed a decrease in my posts of late. I have definitely noticed a decrease in viewers. :) I can't say that I blame you for not stopping by. Who has time to stop by when there is clearly nothing to see.

I tend to be an obsessive person, and unfortunately I can only have one obsession at a time. Call it a character flaw. *shrug* For awhile all I did was surveys. I made some money but not much. Then I got into doing coupons. I spent hours a day just looking up deals for myself mostly. I started sharing those deals with some friends by email. I had a friend constantly asking me what happened to this sale or where was that sale and I found that I would never have the right email to answer her question, and that is where the blogging started. When I began I didn't even know what a blog was!

At first the blog was very simplistic and I tried to just give the links to what I found. I didn't know one thing about adding a hyperlink and making the links look better but thanks to a fellow saver, Jennifer, she told me how to fix that. Then there was designing the background, which I have changed several times before I decided on what to do.

During all this, I decided that I need to get healthy, ergo my new obsession. As a middle schooler I had put on weight. When I hit high school I asked my grandmother to help me to lose, and she did. I did the exercise, she cooked and planned the meals. I lost 40 pounds over the summer just listening to her advice. I was able to keep the weight off for about 5 years until I went to college (got away from my grandmother's cooking) and got married.

When I got married and had children, I packed the pounds right back on. This time I went even higher than I had been before. When you get so far up you can't see the way back down sometimes. I wanted to exercise, but I convinced myself that I had no time to do so. It was impossible, I thought. My husband told me I should run, we had a treadmill going to waste in the basement, but I told him I couldn't possibly do that, my body wasn't made for it.

Then one day my back started hurting. I have Herrington Rods from a scoliosis surgery that I incurred at age eleven and I was sure that they were falling out. The Internet can be a terrible thing sometimes. I went to the doctor and he couldn't do anything. He told me that he could take the rods out (no MRI's because they are made of steel) and he gave me only a 65% chance that the pain would go away. I requested Physical Therapy. I thought why not, it beats surgery.

While the orthopedic had speculated that my problem might be due to nerves, she said perhaps it was a muscle issue. She suggested that exercise would help the problem. That Christmas I asked for Billy Blanks Tae-Bo series from my husband and he produced. It was the best gift I could have been given. That Christmas Day 2007 I started working out. The next year I lost 20 pounds. I did nothing but the Tae-Bo videos. No gym, no running, no dieting, just working out with my videos, at least 5 days a week (believe I followed the calendar included in with the set).

After about 18 months I was completely stuck. I had to change something or I feared I would never lose anymore.

Join me in the next post to learn what I changed... Just to let you know to date I have lost 72 pounds, and I am within 3 pounds of being my ideal weight (according to a doctor's chart)! Sorry to leave you hanging, but I would reallylike to do these posts justice. I hope that in my telling you can see hope for yourself in your own journey.

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