Saturday, July 17, 2010

One Line Society

A few days ago I was just playing on the computer and I visited a blog where a woman asked should she stay or should she go. She said she liked blogging and sharing deals with people but she didn't "love it". She wanted to know if they wanted her to stay around or to quit. Of course they told her to stay, they loved what she is offering and giving to them. Well I became curious. I went back and looked at some of her earlier posts to see if anyone had posted a comment to her blog and for post after post there was nothing to see. The post where she asked if she should stay, had seven comments. The post after that twelve, and so on. But the ones prior nothing, nada, zilch.

I will be honest that I have been planning it out in my head for sometime how I would share my weight loss story. How I would tell you the trials and the problems that I had along the way. My hopes of course, was to inspire everyone in their own journey that losing weight is entirely possible if you want it. But just after I printed the last post, I changed my mind. Who is going to read it? Do you have time to read that much?

I am starting to feel that blogs are a part of the past. With texting, Facebook, and Twitter where we can live our lives in one line sentences who has the time or the energy to read five paragraphs, right?

(No offense to all the great people who have asked me to join Facebook. Love ya, guys....but like I have said in the past I don't have time, even with the one line option!)

Some of you still might like to know what I did to lose my weight so for all you people that stuck it out to the end of this post, here is a treat. Here is a one line break down of my weight loss after the Tae-Bo:

~Switched my workouts out. Started using Biggest Loser DVDs and running on treadmill
~Took sugar out of my diet, lost 5 lbs
~Took HFCS out of my diet, lost 5 lbs
~Got the flu, (not recommended), lost 5 lbs
~Started eating from the Biggest Loser Family cookbook
~Jan. 2010 began counting calories on Sparkpeople (free service), from Jan. to July lost 30 lbs

Total lost from Dec. 2007 until now 72 lbs! You can do it. Find someone that will encourage you and don't give up.
Have a wonderful day! :)

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