Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Slickdeals finds!

Okay all is well, the posts are there. I started to be a tad upset! :)

Here are a few slickdeals finds:
Sears - $10 off of $10 online for Junior Apparel only with code 17SEARSAPPAREL, or get a paper coupon out of October issue of 17 magazine OR use this link to print a coupon (first link is to slickdeals post in case you would like to order online and would like a list of items that are $10 and below)

Ore-Ida Fries or Tater Tots - $1/2 coupon printable, here is the mailable link

Chef Michael's Dog food - $2.50 printable coupon, Target coupon for this product for $1.50 (this is through Hot coupon world, scroll down the page and put in the number of coupons that you want to print), you can combine these 2 coupons at Target and receive $4 off the product!

Luvs - Take the stand challenge and get a $5 coupon on these diapers! Can't figure out how this works exactly, BUT the $5 coupon is only good for today, so do it quick, otherwise you will get a $1 coupon.

Dentyne Gum - BOGO coupon

Okay I will be honest there is tons more on the slickdeals, here is the link for you to pursue. I really appreciate all their hard work and sharing! I just have to go get started with my day. Have a wonderful, Tuesday, right, I think it is Tuesday. ;)

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