Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Sharing

I AM BACK!!! I am sorry I really just have NO excuse for not being around to share coupons, other than just life! You know being a mother, a home school teacher, an assistant to EVERY girl scout troop known to man (not really complaining ladies..), Sunday school teacher, team kid teacher, getting up at 4:30 A.M. in the morning to try to keep up my exercise so I can loose weight, not really an excuse. :) Anyway, here are something that I have to share.

For starters Kroger is at it again! They are doing their buy 10 items get $5 off deals. There are tons of items on sale that you should have coupons for. One that I just happen to notice was Purina One cat food is $4.99 - .50 (when you buy 10 items), plus you should have a $3 coupon, this makes this $1.49! Deer Park water 24pk is on sale for $3.49 - .50 (buy 10 items on the sale), plus $1/2 coupon from All You and you are getting your water for $2.49! There are tons of others, Kraft cheese 1.99 - .50 = $1.49 - $1/2 c, Oreo cookies which if you got all the coupons during the back to school sale then you $1/2c for these products, Ritz crackers are $2.49 before the .50 which is .50 cheaper than Wal-Mart! That is all I can remember for the moment but don't worry if you miss the sale this week it is going to run all the way through Sept. 26th! Good luck to us all!

Here are some coupons for ya:
Maybelline Mascara - $3 printable coupon

Victoria Secret - free shipping on $150 with code SHIP150, plus $25 off of $150 order with code 25OFF150; you can use both codes in tandem

Biore - $2 printable coupon

Leapfrog Tag products - on sale at Amazon, the system is on sale for $29.xx

Tylenol - multiple coupon offers, some for $2 some for $1

Simple and Delicious - list of coupons to print:
~Egg Beaters $1
~Hebrew National Hot Dogs $1
~La Choy creations $1
~Orville popcorn plus M&Ms $1.50
~Marie Callendar's Al Dente Pasta meals .75

All You coupon list - includes a .50 coupon for an All You specialty magazine, also .60 on a box of Jello (redeemable at Kroger) - this is on sale at Kroger with the buy 10 sale for .77 - .60 c = .17 for the box!

Pure Life Challenge Sweepstakes - don't forget if you have been saving your UPC on Pure Life water that they have to be postmarked by Sept. 30th in order to get your coupons for the free water. If you need a form make sure to do a search on the blog for Pure Life water. I have posted this link twice.

Shortcuts - they have added new coupons that you can attach to your Kroger card.

Having some technical difficulties so before this thing gets stuck and I can't fix it I am going to just stop here.

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