Sunday, July 12, 2009

Walgreens Deals

I rarely say this so listen well, today was DEFINITELY a Walgreens day! Normally I do so much better at CVS but not today. CVS has some really decent sales in their paper but unfortunately when you get to the store they have NO product. So Walgreens wins this week. Here is what I got.

Total oop: $18.18

Order #1:
~x2 Coppertone Ultra shield sunscreen $10.99 each minus x2 $5 ic
= $14.01 with tax, received $10 RR

Order #2:
~130 ct. pack of filler paper .50 (x2) with in ad coupon
~legal pad .33 (x3, limit) with in ad coupon
~10 page protectors x5, .39 each (no limit)
~5 tab dividers x4, .39 each (no limit)
~10 pk. papermate mechanical pencils x5, .39 each (no limit)
~100 pk. index cards x2, .39 each (no limit)
~Blunt scissors x3, .79 each (no limit)

~2 pk. elmer's stick glue x4, .59 each (no limit)
- $10 RR
= total oop $4.17

I saved $10 on the first order and $51.90 on the second! All in all not a bad haul!

Be looking for the deals in the morning. I am just to tired to go over all that today. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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