Thursday, July 9, 2009

"The Shred" and other things

Everything is so SILENT here lately. I think I must be loosing my edge. Either you guys aren't coming to the blog, OR I am just so good that I am not making any mistakes. I feel like tapping on the computer world and saying, "Is anybody out there?" Well, is anyone out there?

Here is what I have this morning:
McDonald's is offering free mocha coffee samples Every Monday starting at 7 am!!! This expires 8/03/09

Victoria Secret - TODAY only 20% off of a $50 order, with code VS20EXTRA

L.L. Bean - free shipping with no minimum until Jan. 2010 with code, LL 3012422 ( I don't think you NEED the LL but I added just in case) Directions for online order are to click "Redeem Coupon, Gift card, or Promotion" when you reach the "place your order" screen during check out. Enter the LL number and then click "redeem". This came from a catalog.

Wal-Mart seems to be starting their school sales, here are a few things from the ad:
~Eureka 4-in-1 stick vacuum $15
~Sandisk 4GB flash drive $12
~12" Mainstay skillet $10
~18 gallon totes $3.50
~Olay ribbons body wash twin pack $5 - $1c = $4 or $2 a piece, not great but not too bad
~1 subject notebooks .15
~1" binder $2.50
~500 pages of copy paper $2.50
~Sharpie highlighters $1.50
There are other great deals on crayons, markers, erasers, and pencils. Make sure to be looking for these when you enter the store.

TGI Fridays - BOGO meal coupon, you will have to use this link from Dealsplus to get to the pdf coupon

Fuddruckers - another pdf coupon from DealsPlus. This is for $3 off of $15 or $5 off of $25. Kids eat free Monday - Wednesday after 4 try combining these deals.

Viva Towel - free sample

Dr. Scholls for Her - $2 printable coupon

"The Weight of Silence" - free advanced copy

Free Abry's Burger with drink purchase - coupon, expires 7/12/09

Kohl's - kids clearance clothes, here are some codes available to sweeten the deal:
THANKS9710 (non-Kohl's Charge) 10% off (no minimum)
PERKSPOT100 (non-Kohls Charge) 15% off (Valid for orders of $100+)
SUMMERMVC (Kohls Charge) 15% Valid 6/22 - 7/14
JUNEMVC15 (Kohls Charge) 15% Valid 6/22 - 7/14
SAVE3DAYS (Kohls Charge) 15% Valid 7/10 - 7/12
HOTBUY30 (Kohls Charge) 30% Valid 7/15 - 7/22
Free shipping codes:
MVC9172 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 7/11
MVC8186 Free Shipping (Kohls charge) Exp. 7/12

Target coupons - if you like Kashi now is your time at Target!!! There are tons of coupons for the Kashi products, remember you can combine these with regular manufacturer coupons. You have to hurry because these coupons expire 7/14/09...sorry I didn't check Target sooner...:(

New Balance - great deal on New Balance running shoes, $2.95 for Shipping

Target coupon generator - use this to print multiples at one time, also a coupon for Hershey's Bliss for $1 off, as well as others that I didn't list above

Purina One - Meijer's coupon, $5 off of Purina One 3.3 lbs bag of pet food

Build a Bear - $5 off of $25 coupon

Okay there is more out there but I am going to get off this thing before my eyes start to cross. Have a wonderful day. Drop me a line if you are still out there and reading the blog. I know summer is a rough time for this. To be honest I am getting disenchanted with the whole couponing business. I told a friend that I didn't even feel like going shopping anymore, she asked if I was sick! Maybe I am, I don't know. I guess that as time goes on I just find more and more things to drag away my attention. It is hard to stay focused on a single thing. I am at the moment trying so hard to loose weight. I am on a good track having already dropped around 30 to 35 pounds. Although others don't see it I still want to loose at LEAST another 25 lbs and I would really like to try for another 40 lbs. Loosing this weight means I have to eat differently. I will be honest most of the coupons out there just don't suit my eating habits any more. I do use some but not as many as I was. Also on the sales front there is nothing that I am trying to hunt down and purchase at the moment so that makes it harder to look up new things.

As a side note, one of the bloggers that I follow mentioned the workout DVD "The Shred" by Jillian Michaels. I tried to comment but the way her site was set up I was unable to. She asked how do you get through this video, basically I started with a low, low, low weight. I started with 2 lbs. in each hand. I know that doesn't seem like much but I was able to do the DVD much better this way and build up my stamina. I didn't realize how much I had built it up until I had stopped doing this DVD and switched to another. I tried "The Shred" yesterday with a 5 lb. weight and I am really feeling it this morning. So my suggestion is to start with the lower weight and build up to the weight they recommend, AFTER you have done the workout for awhile. I will be honest this is a hard workout. I totally agree with the reviews on Amazon were the people said they had worked out for years and this was still hard to do. Another thing is don't give up, you will get there. I also recommend staying on the first and second level for a couple of months, the third level is a killer! I hope this helps.

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