Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Printable coupons and FREE baby formula!

Here are some coupons I found at slickdeals:

Motrin - $1 printable coupon

Coupons for: $1 off one Chef Boyardee® 15-oz can
$.50 off any ONE (1) Peter Pan® Peanut Butter
$.50 off any two Crunch 'n Munch®
$1 off any 4 Snack Pack® 4-packs
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Gamestop - coupon for 20% off of upto 3 used PS3 games

Fruit2Day - $1 printable coupon

Ziploc - $1.50 on 2 printable coupon

Coupons, from Nestle for diabetics. Including sugar free coffeemate creamer, and $1 on Nestle Water!!! Use at Shop 4 Less if you have a filled card to get the 24 pk of 8 oz waters for .94! Sorry this size is not available at Walmart so you can't price match.

Nestle Water - here is another water coupon, this one for $1.50 off!!! Don't forget to be saving those water UPCs and receipts to send off and get coupons for free water, here is the link for the details: link. Here is also a link to have this coupon mailed to you.

Huggies Pull-ups - $2 printable coupon

Found on Spoofee:
Infant formula sample

Which reminds me: If you would be interested in some Good Start Soy Plus Powder or Soy liquid formula for babies, email this local lady bullockh@hotmail.com because she has some free ones to give away.

Nestle Drumstick - $1 printable coupon in the bottom right hand corner

Okay that is it for now. Enjoy these!

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