Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Myrtle Beach Question

Okay I am trying to plan a 3 day trip to Myrtle Beach and quite frankly I don't have a fortune to spend on the hotel. I have a family of 5 which always makes the planning more difficult. So that is why I am going to pose the question to you guys. What hotel do you recommend? Where have you stayed? Keep in mind I want to be on the beach, I need family friendliness and again I am not going to pay $200 a night...even if I could afford it! I would like a free breakfast but if they don't have it and everything else is good we can make do with bagels and pop tarts! I am not going to camp, said my peace and counted to three on that one. Sooooo if you have any suggestions you would like to share leave me a comment. I would be very appreciative.

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Thanks for all the suggestions I am sure will come my way!


  1. I have not been, but I do have some suggestions! Check out sites like mycokerewards.com, they have a reward for a hotel discount (with points). Also check cheaptickets and priceline they usually have pretty good deals.

  2. Hi Felicia,

    When are you planning on coming, and how much are you looking to spend a night?

    We have lots of specials all the time, and prices can get very good, even for an oceanfront resort. If you want more info, please let me know (iconcierge@myrtlebeachhotels.com) - and enjoy your stay whatever you decide!