Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Mornings Finds

Lets start this morning off right with a few free things to do this summer! This is from Parade.

~Tomato Festival in Grainger Country Tennessee - July 24-26
Includes an art show, antique engine display, and Civil War encampment. The main event is the World famous Tomato Wars!!!

~Wyoming's Cheyenne Frontier Days, July 17-26
Rodeo masters and country stars, free stuff includes a chuckwagon cookoff, or a Timed Event Slack where cowboys strut their stuff. There is also a re-enactment of a batter and a tour through Wild Horse Gulch.

~Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival -Foley, Alabama, June 19-21
Hot area balloons are heated but stay on the ground so you can go by and look at them.

~Machias Wild Blueberry Festival in Maine, Aug 14-16

~All Tennessee Festivals for the Summer - Check out the link to find lots free stuff to do this summer!

Catherines - I have three codes for Catherines on-line good from June 10-June 14. I am not sure if they a single or multi use so I am going to share. Let me know if you use them more than once OR if you try to use and they don't work.
~30% off code 776998775
~40% off code 776998783 or 776999708

Victoria Secret - lots of clothing on sale, tee shirts and pants for $9.99 or less. If you received a catalog in the mail recently there is a coupon code for $10 off good until July 2nd, so look inside the front cover of the catalog!

Kohls - Buy one get one free sale! Sign up for email alerts and save $5 in the store and 10% online. If you have a Kohls' card purchase between June 11th and June 17th and you can get an extra 30% off with code FATHER30.

Christian Book - midweek markdowns

Free box of Kellogg's Crackers - link on the side offers a Target coupon, when you buy 2 Kellogg's products you get a FREE cracker. Buy 2 boxes of cereal and use the $1.50/2 ic from the other day OR if you have two of the $1 coupons for Kellogg's products use those on the two products you have to purchase and still get the crackers for free!

Skinny Cow - yesterday I posted a coupon for this product but is seems to be in a rotating cycle where you can NEVER get it to actually print. I suggest going to this new link and signing up to receive special offers if you are interested in this ice cream product.

Shop 4 Less, Andersonville, TN: Just to let you know you can go by and pick up one of their sales ads and Walmart will price match ANY of the prices, including the ones that Shop 4 Less requires a filled card for. Link is to the the sales ad. Sales run from June 9th to June 14th, they will take coupons!!! Here is what I thought was good:
~Luck's beans or peas .33 a can
~Del Monte peas .33 a can!!!
~Stokley's Green beans .33 a can
~Glade Aerosol spray .50
~Hy-top (their brand) tomato soup .25
~All Laundry Detergent $2.98
~Bounty Basic Paper towels $4.98 - .25c = $4.74
~Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce .78
~Borden shredded cheddar Cheese $1
~Blue Bonnett Margarine spread $1
~Cabbage .33 a head
~Whole Seedless watermelon $3.98
Filled card items (remember this is for their store you can do match ups at Walmart but it has to be the EXACT same product and size mentioned in the Shop 4 Less paper) Some items require more than one filled card so READ THE FINE PRINT! I explained how this works last week. For every $5 spent you get one stamp, after 8 stamps you have a filled card.
~Lots of free dishes with LOTS of filled cards
~Tide Liquid detergent $4.94
~Joy dishliquid .94
~Crest original toothpaste .94
~Tampax tampons $1.94
~Dial 3 pk. .94
~Aunt Jemima pancake mix .94
~Ocean Spray Cranberry juice .94
~Kellogg's Special K cereal $1.94
~Chicken of the Sea Tuna .34
~Captain Crunch cereal .94
~Gerber finger foods and graduates for .94!!!
~Simply orange orange juice .94
~Blue Bonnet Margarine .24!!!
Lots of other stuff this was just the best. I am not a big connoisseur of meat prices so I can't tell you if what they have is good or not so just look at the link provide to determine for yourself.

Going to run and feed the children. I will come back and just start again.

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