Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I want to start with a little bit of commentary. I have been exercising frequently for about 18 months now but just recently in the last couple of months have I really been focusing on my diet. I didn't want to do a diet plan that would "starve" me, or one that consisted of food that tasted like cardboard. I really wanted a diet that I could "live" with. One that I can do for the long haul for my health and for the health of my family. This is has honestly affected what coupons I keep and what I get rid off. It also is changing what I find important in the sale papers. You may be seeing this change in my posting. I will still try to mention all the stuff that I find but this health obsession is DEFINITELY affecting what I see as a "good find". With that being said I thought I would do another post this afternoon, If I can find anything...:) (All you grammar freaks if I used affect when I should have used effect, sorry...I NEVER can understand those rules. The English language can be SO CONFUSING sometimes!)

Pull-ups - $3 pull up coupon

Skinny Cow .50 on this ice cream product

K-9 Advantix - coupon for a free tube plus other coupons for the product

New Tide Product - coming out in July, here is a $1.50 coupon on it.

Libby's Vegs - coupon for buy 2 get one free

Kraft First Taste - if you are already a member you need to go and sign in. The current offer is a free Kraft Mac and Cheese, single serve, plus coupons. If you haven't sign up yet be sure to do so. You will get great coupons for free products!

Mattel Geo Trax DVD - free DVD, short but cute, and they do come. To get start select your country.

McDonalds - Free French Fries At Mc'Donalds 6-12-09. One Per Customer

Okay I am going to end here for now. I am doing this outside on a laptop and the glare is terrible. On top of that it is VERY hard to use this pad to highlight objects so I think I will defer to finishing or doing another post on my desktop! :) Good luck. Let me know if there are any links that don't work and I will correct them. Thanks for coming and looking me over.

~Vicky's forums

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