Thursday, April 23, 2009

On the run...

I want to start out by saying that you need to scroll down to the end of the page and make sure to check on older posts so that you don't miss something. I have the blog set so that you can only see 3 posts at a time for "clutter" reasons AND since I did three posts yesterday, you might miss something from yesterday if you don't go looking for the older posts. Remember if there is something that you are looking for you can always go to the search line at the top of the blog and type it and all the posts that contain that word will magically appear for you. I even do this myself! Now on with the show...

Walmart: Ad begins April 26th goes until May 2nd
~$1.00 Pepsi 2-liters
~$1.00 Pillsbury brownies, use .35c useless you used at Kroger and got the better deal with the doubles
~$1.00 Crunch n' Munch, use .50c, again you might have done this at Kroger and got this free, but just in case you didn't get around to going there this is not a bad price
~$1.00 Kraft macaroni crackers
~$1.00 Prego pasta Sauce
~$1.00 Brawny paper towels
~$1.00 Speed stick deodorant
~$1.00 Irish Spring soap
~$1.97 Thomas bagels or muffins (I hope this is right these are $2.99 at Target and $3.99 at Kroger!)
~$2.00 Wheat Thins/Triscuits, use BOGO coupon and get them for $1 a box or $1/2 c for $1.50 a box
~$3 for 12-pk Frito Lay chips
~$1.58 Kraft salad dressing, use $1.50c = .08! (I did this last week so it is probably this price already)
~$2.75 Breyers ice cream, use .75c
I tried to find a coupon preview for next week but no luck...I will keep looking.

Bic Soleil Razor - $2 printable coupon

Purex - .50 printable coupon...good for the Kmart sale, click on the send a coupon to a friend and when you send one to someone then you will get one yourself (I was the friend that I sent mine to...:))

Arby's - free iced fruit tea when you purchase a burger

Colgate - some new colgate toothpaste coupons

Well I need to run. I have one that I THOUGHT might have sprained her ankle but she is sooooo wormy that she has been going on it full speed so I am hoping that we haven't made something worse. So we are off to the doctor...again!

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