Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Razor, Printable Coupons, and Other Samples

Every day it seems they are things to be thankful for such as, I can finally get my left arm over my head! This is a real accomplishment since I have been unable to completely raise my left arm since Monday. It is a long story but the short of it is that I had a fight with a 100 lb. punching bag and while my right arm tore him up, my left arm had some issues....

Also update on wormy, or child #2. She does have a "slight" sprain. She doesn't even have to be off of the foot which is just as well since she wouldn't have stayed off of it anyway. The fever had no real symptoms with it yesterday but now we have a cough and the fever is still going. I guess we are in a holding pattern and in the watch and see cycle.

If you need a really good laugh this morning go here. It is so true, so true.

By the way, the Walmart sales that I mentioned yesterday that are SUPPOSE to start on Sunday are already in effect.

Free Razor - this is for a free Schick razor. This came from the Robertson Savings Blog. When you request this razor make sure that you do it with nothing else on the screen because it is running slow and it makes EVERYTHING else slow wayyyyyy downnnnnn.

Dreamfields pasta - $1.50 on 3 printable coupon

Romano's Macaroni Grill - $1 coupon on for the at home product

Nestle - 3 have to belong to the Very Best Baking Team in order to print these out...this will kind of tell you what is available, you can try to print from here but I don't think it will work.

JcPenny's - $10 off of $10 code - MOMSGR8

Nivea Bodywash - free sample (from Walmart)

Woody's Grooming -sample

Loreal - members of the site can receive two free samples, and 2 printable coupons

John Frieda - hair care sample (from Walmart)

Quick Books - completely free download, not the trial, it is the whole deal. Quick Books helps to track income and expenses and to pay bills, invoice customers, create reports and more. I found this with some new ink that I just purchased.

HP Customer deals:
Photo Album 7 by Corel: $19.99 (50% off) - Edit, share and get creative with photos and videos. Hundreds of templates for greeting cards, calendars, magazine covers & more.Blurb Books: $10 off coupon for books $29.95 and over when you register and download our free bookmaking software blurb booksmart.
Photo DVD Movies: Show Mom you care - Turn your family photos into a movie! You select the photos and music and we do the rest. See it in action!
Skins by Skinit: Customize your device with a skin to show off your favorite team, style or photo. Save 10% when you use SMART1 at checkout.
USA Today: 10 weeks for just $20.09. Stay informed in 2009 and wake up to USA TODAY on your doorstep (and online).

CVS: via Slickdeals, for week 4/26/09 - 5/02/09

Walgreens: via Slickdeals, for week 4/26/09 - 5/02/09
~Pay special attention to the money maker items. I hope you guys saved all the contour meter coupons...this item will be free with your coupon and you get a $5 you make money! I know alot of you say, "Well I don't need that!" I don't need them either but somebody does. Give it to your local homeless shelter, ask around at church. Somebody needs these meters. If you know someone that already has a meter then they could still use this one and just use it until the strips runs out, you still helped them to save some money.
~Ecotrin - use this $2.25 ic; product is $2 and you get $2 RR back!

Well I am going to head out. Enjoy today's post. Be looking this weekend, I might surprise you!

~Deal Plus
~Robertson Savings (link above)

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