Monday, March 2, 2009


Well good morning. It is good to be back. I spent this weekend doing some shopping and I just plum ran out of time to share, until now.

First I want to start by mentioning something that we don't think about very often. Alot of stores are now offering discount cards or some kind of "point" system. Alot of us know all about the extra care bucks at CVS, but lots of other stores are also getting in the game in this area. Here are a couple that I use and how they work:

* Office Max - they offer Maxperks which gives you a percentage back on everything that you purchase. Also you get $3 off each ink cartridge you bring in to recycle (there are some restrictions on the cartridges they will take). I believe it is every 3 months you will get a email sent to you tell you how much you have earned in the store. You print out the email and take it in and spend it just like a coupon. One month because of my ink returns I had $12 in my account!

* Borders - they have a reward card. You earn points for your purchases that translate into money saving coupons. They also have a special free program for educators. Homeschoolers and other teachers can enroll for free and get 20% off all their purchases in the store.

* Dicks Sporting Goods - they have a reward program. For every 300 points earned (which rough translates into $300) you will receive a $10 certificate for the store. This weekend due to some previous purchases and 2 certificates we were able to get a $40 mini trampoline for FREE!

* Cedar Springs Christian Stores - they have a program for Homeschoolers/Educators. They require a one time enrollment fee of $5 then you save 10% on all regular priced items.

I know there are many more out there. If you use some that I haven't mentioned feel free to share with the rest of us.

Free Roast burger - here is a free Arby's roast burger with any drink purchase..thanks Patsy.

Extras from the paper:
Atkins - if you are doing the Atkins diet you might want to register here. They offer plan details, meal planner, and promotions (aka, coupons) and registering is free.

Gortons - get a free calendar and $15 worth of coupons when you purchase 3 Gorton items...combine this with the Kroger sale. Gortons for $2.99 (get .50 off when you purchase 10 special frozen items, will explain further momentarily) plus use $1 coupons from the paper to get each item for $1.49 a piece.

The sales I see, admittedly I don't see much this time but I will mention what I see:
Frozen food sale buy 10 get $5 off, some listed on here that we have coupons for:
* pizza rolls $2.99 - .50 (sale) - .35c - .35dc + .50 sc= $1.29
* Gorton's $2.99 - .50 (sale) - $1 c = $1.49
* Freschetta $4.49 - .50 (sale) - $1 c = $2.99
* Toaster Strudel $1.99 - .50 (sale) - .35c - .35dc = .79 minus short cut coupon

Seedless white grapes .99 lbs
Tyson chicken breast .99 lbs
Eggs $1.28
Quaker Oatmeal buy 2 get $1 off so 2/$3 - (x2) $1 c = .50 for 2 boxes
Pop Tart 3/$5 or $1.66 - 2/$1c = $2.32 for 2 boxes, have to get 2 to use the coupon
Pepperidge Farm frozen bread $1.99
Armour Meatballs $2.49 - .55c - free pasta c = $1.94 (plus you will get a free pasta)
Green giant vegs. in a bag $2 - $1c = $1
Comforts jumbo diapers $5.99 - c. on the
Rubbermaid bowls $1.99 - $1 ic = .99

$20 worth P&G and get Charmin tissue paper for free
Act mouthwash trail size .99 get .99 ECB
Slimquick $4.99 get $4.99 ECB
Venus Razor $7.99 - $2 c = $5.99, get $4 ECB

splenda $2.99 - $3 ic = free (not sure on the expiration for that ic)
409 cleaner $2.50 - $1c = $1.50

Classico spaghetti sauce $1.89 x2= $3.78 - 2/$1c = $2.78
Kashi $2.50 - $1 target c = $1.50

Food City:
Jello .66 a box, combine with c for $1 off of 1/2 milk on sale for $1.66 (have to buy 3 boxes of Jello)
Food City ice cream BOGO
bag of Caesar Salad $1.66
Jet Puffed marshmallow creme .88

Huggies - $3 and $5 printable coupons, plus other coupons including .55 c on some GM cereal

Barnes and Noble - apply for a B&N credit card get $25 after you first purchase

Splenda - sample

Label maker - from on sale for $6.49, normal price $53.46! This has free shipping.

Zyrtec - $2 printable coupon; satisfaction guarantee, rebate link

That is it for this morning. ENJOY!

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