Friday, February 27, 2009


I had this morning so well planned. Got up early had plenty of time then I got wrapped up in a project that almost took me an hour and so again I am under time constraints on the post. Just my lot in life this week...rush, rush, rush. I hope that I am still wowing and impressing you daily...:) If not that is okay. Some days will always be better than others.

In our limited time here together this morning lets get started!

Avon - items starting at $1.99, free shipping on $20 code - RFSC6

Nestle coupons - new coupons added. You need to sign in or register to print the coupons available, carnation milk, nestle morsels, and refrigerated cookie dough

Breyer yogurt - .75 c offered

Jello/milk - $1 off of three boxes of Jello pudding and half gallon of milk...there were some of these in the paper but just in case you didn't get at many as you wanted here is a way to print more. There are also other coupons to print out on this site.

Kroger coupons - most of these coupons you will find in other places that I have sent you, BUT there are always a few that are unique to Kroger, for example, $3 off of Comfort diapers. Check it out.

Kotex - sample...have I shared this, who knows? I am completely loosing count! Seems to be working.

3M Consumer Researcher - join the group to get products to test

Heinz - this is Heinz baby, join the club and get a free reusable bag and then samples and freebies

Parent Choice - formula sample

Life - $1 c for Life cereal

Juice boxes - R. W. Knudsen juice brand juice box coupon

Idaho - $1 off of three packages of potatoes

Leapfrog Didj system - get a $20 printable coupon, or use code FB9DJ online, information from slickdeals doesn't give the weblink but I am thinking you would use it at to get the discount.

Okay I have to go get my kids fed. Have a great day.

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  1. Than for the Life cereal coupon. BTW, it's one of the few cereals we get that does not have hfcs - ;).