Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am so excited! There are so many good things to talk about today I almost don't know where to begin!

First, I forgot one of the sale items at Kroger that I got on Saturday. I don't know if it is still on sale but it is worth looking for. It is a large and I mean large roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough for $1.50, use your $1 c and you get it for .50!

Coupon Surfer - I still recommend you join so that you get these in your inbox (let me know if this link doesn't work) but just to let you know they have added $1 off of Tidy cat liter to the list.

Okay now to some Walmart finds from yesterday. First I need to say that I am going to mention the All You magazine, if you get these in the mail then you are good to go, if not they will be on the Walmart shelves on Feb. 20th so you can pick up one then.
My best find:
Starkist Tuna in a pouch, x1 plain (.93), x1 starkist creations ($1.72), used
BOGO c. on any tuna in a pouch (All You last month) so - $1.72
$1 off of Starkist tuna (All You this month) so - $1
.07 overage!

Other finds:
Kashi bars $2.50 - $2 c (snail mail) = .50
x2 Honeycomb cereals by Post, BIG BOX, $1.98 a box, - $1/2 c = $1.48 a box
Valentine items 50% off
Del Monte no salt diced tomatoes $1.08 - free c (snail mail) = free

I will be honest with you guys, I looked at the CVS paper this week and I went UGH... I had no ECBs and there was nothing that I wanted to go spend my money on at the time. I started looking at iheartcvs yesterday and I really got jazzed about some of the monthly deals that I had missed. This morning I am going to share some of these with you. First I will share my order, remember I am starting from the NO ECB stand point, but I do have some CVS coupons that have printed out for me after previous purchases. After I do my order I am going to share a scenario with you where you can use this weeks deal as well as the monthly deals. Here we go:
My order:
Leggs pantyhose (clearance) $1.92
Revlon nail clippers $2.99 - $2 CVS c = .99
3 pk CVS antacids $1.99 - free CVS c = free
x2 Stayfree pads $3.99 x2 = $7.98 - $2 ic - $2 ic = $3.98 (link to ic below)
Cotton rounds 25ct x2 .99 x 2 = $1.98 (free after ECB)
Dr. Pepper .99 - free c = free
oop = $10.14, $4 ECB (stayfree) and $2 ECB (cotton rounds)

Scenarios, buy what you want out of this list, make it work for you
Order #1:
children's aspirin $1.99
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 - $1.50c (All You mag.) = $1.49
oop: $3.48, get $1.99 ECB + $2.99 ECB

Order #2:
x2 Stayfree pads (can do this five times, coupon link provided, thanks to iheartcvs)
$3.99 x2 = $7.98 - $2 ic - $2 ic = $3.98 (after ECB free!)
Mylanta (rumor has it that the cherry flavor is $3.65, & some people have $3 c)
$3.65 - $3 c = .65
- $1.99 ECB
- $2.99 ECB
USE THE ECBs FIRST THEN USE THE MANUFACTURER COUPONS AND IT WILL TAKE THE TAX OFF...looks like it will be about .10 oop. If it won't go then throw the cotton rounds in with this order making it:
$3.98 + .65 + .99 + .99 = $6.61 - $1.99 ECB - $2.99 ECB = $1.63 oop + tax
+ $4 ECB (on stayfree pads)
+ $3 ECB (on mylanta)
+ $2 ECB (on cotton rounds)

Can add CVS 25ct make-up rounds for .99, buy 2 you get $2 ECB

Another available deal is Natural Dentist mouthwash (again this is from iheartcvs). Some stores are reporting it as $6.99 but the price at my store is $9.99 so I will work it both ways. Just use the links provided to get the coupons and rebate form to make the deal sweeter. Can do this deal 5 times as well.
Natural Dentist - $9.99 - $2 ic = $7.99 get $4 ECB or
$6.99 - $2 ic = $4.99, get $4 ECB
If you buy 2 of these products then you can to a rebate and get $10 back, link
Best deal with this is:
$6.99 x 2 = $13.98 - $2 ic - $2 ic = $9.98, get $10 back on rebate and $8 back in ECB

I hope that I haven't confused you guys. If there is an issue that I can clear up just let me know. There are many other Feburary monthly deals, check out slickdeals forums to find a complete list or look in the store for the monthly flyer.

Other finds:
Christopher & Banks - lots of items that were around $35 marked down to $9.99 and $5...read in a post that you get $10 off when you order, there is no code mentioned so they might just be talking about this sale. Still some great prices.

Office Depot - free shipping on any order

Freegrabber: Maybelline sample - link,
California Raisins recipe book - link
Crest whitestrips sample with a $7 coupon - link (I believe that Jennifer has already mentioned this one but it is posted here as well). I had to sign into P&G to get the sample and my coupon states that it will be for $5, still a great coupon.

I have to run, but I want to mention one thing. Sometimes I know that you guys don't have the same coupons that I have but for the most part you should. The only difference will be the CVS coupons, and the personal Kroger coupons. I am sharing everything else that I find. I know that some of you don't take the time to get the free samples because you won't use it. Sometimes those samples come with coupons that you can use on other products. You can also give away the samples to military personal or donate them to a shelter. This will help you have more of what I mention on the blog. Like I have said before just do as much as you have time to do. I hope that this continues to help us all save money. And in so doing maybe we will be able to share with others that are less fortunate.


  1. Wow - thanks for the CVS info! I don't have any ECB's or CVS q's, but I think I will do some of these! I still have some bogo stayfree coupons too - that will be nice!

  2. That was coupons the poster had but I didn't have those so I had to find something else. That will be TOTALLY awesome with the BOGO coupons. Thanks for commenting!