Monday, February 16, 2009


Make sure to check out Alicia's and Jennifer's blog. Jennifer has found some really nice coupons and Alicia shares the letter that she got from Kmart about Double coupons. The double coupon information is that it starts on 2/22 and goes thru 2/28, it will be for the Bristol, Clarksville, Crossville, Johnson City, Kingsport, Memphis and Morristown areas. You can only use 25 coupons per day, no internet or Kmart coupons will be doubled. No more than 4 of any one item. They will double for $2 and your $2 coupons become worth $4! This is great for those living in this area.

Food City, ad starting today:
Value time french fries .99
Mountain Dew 24 pk. $5.99
Food Club toaster pastries .99
Food Club sugar $1.88

Coupon Surfer - coupon for cat liter, sweet n' low, house of Tsang, etc; another link - $1 off of cold eeze and other products

Avon - free shipping on a $10 order with code PRES2009

Targus Laptop backpack - from Best Buy for $24.99 with free shipping. Be sure to use ebates to get money back. 1% back at ebates (if you have joined click here)

GNC - $5 off of $35 printable coupon

Staples - 19" computer monitor for less than $100. Other sales at staples for Presidents day. Thanks to Dealsplus: links to the other items on sale

Express - clearance items start at $9.99 then you get an additional 40% off when it goes to the cart. 2% back if order through ebates. Not sure if you can combine but here are some additional codes to try to make this even sweeter:
$15 off of $60 - 2711
15% off - 2490
20% off - 6386

Best Buy $3.99 DVDs; 1% back at ebates

All You coupon list for March. If you live in the area where they are doing the Kmart doubles you can take the coupon for $1.50 off of Colgate toothpaste and have it doubled for $3 off!

Mambo Sprouts - coupons for organic foods and green products

Christian Book - 40% off slightly imperfect items, get free shipping on a $50 order with code - 279098

Pepperidge Farm swirl bread - .40 printable coupon

Huge coupon list - honestly it seems to be the coupons from and but combining them is a nice way to look at them.

If you did $5.01 worth of orders on ebates between Oct. 1st and Dec. 1st then you should have got your money through paypal yesterday or your check should be in the mail. Good luck to us all.

Have a wonderful day. I need more coffee!

Talbots - 20% off with code 027463365, today only!

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