Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday, It is a new day...

Rejoice and be glad in it!

In hindsight I have to say that before you do the Madagascar 2 movie deal at CVS you need to do some research on the movie and make sure that it is appropriate for those that will be watching it.

Rite aid:
Excedrin $1.99 - $1 c = .99
Drano max $3.49 - .50 in store coupon - $1.50 ic = $1.49
Puffs tissue .99

buy one ink refill get another for .14
buy one enlargement for a picture get another for .14
bounty paper towels .89 - .25 c = .74
halls .99 - .50 ic = .49 (c. was on the blog)
joy/dawn dish liquid .99 - .50 c, for dawn = .49
buy 3 pepsi products get a pepsi max for free 4/$10.92
colgate .99 - .75 c = .24

7up cherry $3.33 - $1 ic = $2.33
2 Gillette razors get a $5 GC, so men's $7.99 - $4c + womens $7.99 - $2c = $9.98, plus $5 GC
red baron pizza $3.29 x2 - $1/2 = $5.58

clearance movies for $4.99 and $5
Hannah Montana twin bed sheets for $19.99
Glade sense and spray and lasting impression on sale for $6.99, BOGO ic for the sense and spray and $4 c for the lasting impressions

Same sale 10 items $3 off (marked with *), plus a special sale on Thursday (Alicia has this list on her blog as well):
grapes .99 lb
blueberries .99 package
Hersheys candy $1.98 a bag
Ben and Jerry's ice cream $1.88
Here is some other finds:
Eggs $1.28
Purdue chicken BOGO, use $2 coupons printed before, can use 2
select General mills cereal $1.67 - .50 c - .50 dc = .67, if you have a Kroger catalina where you buy 3 boxes of GM cereal and get $1.50 you can combine and get the boxes for .17 a piece!
dial soap .88 - .35c - .35dc = .18
suave items $1.66, this is bodywash, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
*Scott Tissue $7.49 - $1c = 6.49 (I think the c I cut was $1)
*brownies betty crocker $2.29 - .50 c - .50 dc = $1.29
*kroger cheese $1.99
*general mills cereal $2.59
*country crock butter $2.49 - .50 c - .50 c = $1.49
* Ragu

Has those romance movies on sale for $5, if you printed off the coupons from when they were available then you can get some really cheap movies. By the way I was able to order the Fireproof/Flywheel 2 pack for $19.99 at get free ship to the store and go to the service desk, turn in my coupon for $5 and they just gave me $5 like I had forgot to use my coupon. I think it worked without in problems because I had to wait for around 15 minutes in the site to store area to get my movie, sympathy works and so does patience. :)

Food City:
Medium eggs $1
Red Baron Pizza is BOGO for $2.80, use $1 c, get 2 pizzas for $1.80
White Rain shampoo .79
Clorox 3/$5 plus get $1 fuel buck with purchase of 3

paper inserts:
free calendar on specially marked bags of purina little bites down food , request a free catalog and get and take 15% off your order

Talbots - outlet has prices starting at $9.99

LA looks - $1 off the gel added to the list of coupons

Dora Scrabble Junior - $4.98 at source for this labeled it as free shipping but I don't see any details, sorry.

Windex all in one cleaning tool for outdoors Target coupon


  1. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you, Felicia! This really is a selfless thing that you are doing and you are doing the dirty work to help us all save money!

    I'm sure noone here needs the reminder, but please give Felicia the credit for the info you pass along - :).

    Have a blessed day!

  2. You are the best!

    On one of your blogs you mentioned about Kroger being out of the toilet paper. If you are talking about the cottonelle - that stuff goes fast! My local store will special order me the # that I want, so you may try asking if they'll do that for you. :) I may have them special order me some items for the Daytona sale.

  3. I had no idea that you could special order items! I am heading to another store tomorrow, and my coupons don't expire for awhile so I think I am okay. I will keep the ordering in mind though.

    Thanks Rachel for the comment. I appreciate it!

  4. Yeah - I had to do that when I had 40 cottonelle coupons and they had been wiped clean the day before. I don't want to be the one to wipe the shelves clean, but I also don't want to make any more trips than I have to - lol! They were great about it, and the stuff came that same week. I think they said they get at least 3 trucks a week from the warehouse at that time.

    I also got to check out with a manager at a closed lane - lol. That was kind of nice (and fast.) He just rang my stuff up, took my coupons and scanned away. No 'tude or anything.

  5. There should never really be an attitude about coupons...think about it, they get ALL their money back, PLUS we generally pick up something else in their store. But I know we get attitude all the time.