Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd

Christmas idea: Take an old shoe box, wrap with wrapping paper, fill the box with different items, example: shampoo, toothpaste, air freshener, toothbrush, lotion, etc. Next purchase tulle from Wal-Mart for .98 a yard. Wrap box in tulle bring excess up to the top of the box, bunch together and add a pretty ribbon and turn into a bow. Thanks to Kim W. for the idea.

Yesterday I mentioned that Walgreens had the Glade wisp candles on sale for $3.99, they also have the Glade scented oil candles for $3.99, use $2 c and BOGO coupon to get 2 for $2 or $1 a piece.
Next go to WalMart and pick up the refills $2 a piece, use Buy 2 get one 1 free coupon and $2 off of 2 refills:
$2 + $2 + $2 - $2 c - B2G1 ($2) = $2 for 3 or .67 a piece

Free sample of Gaspari Nutrition products - link
Lego club magazine subscription - link
Goodnights sample - link

Victoria Secret - sleepwear (pjs), free slippers, and free fragrance set for $30 - $35.
2. Select Pajama Set
3. Select Slippers (same page)
4. Enter coupon codes
"GET20" - 20% off
"SLIPPER08" - Free slippers with any sleepwear purchase
"FA814233" - Free Fragrance Gift Set w/Any Sleepwear purchase

Sansa SanDisk Express 1GB mp3 player- reconditioned, $10.99 with free shipping.

Dog training kennel - $15 from Lowes, get free shipping after spend $25.

Blockbuster - 2 week trial PLUS $25 in your paypal account, read the details to make sure you can cancel after the 2 weeks and still get your $25. For new customers only.

Tv cleaner - Alot of people are going to LCD and plasma tvs this year and well we can't clean them like we used to, here is a sample of cleaner for free. Use coupon DISAMPLE, DO NOT GIVE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, because you don't need to. Also I just put in all zeros for my phone number and it worked just fine. Make sure to read the ingredients on this cleaner before you put it on your tv, and to read the cleaning directions on your television.

Coupons - Have coupons for Star Wars toys! Coupons on steamer vegetables, only .60 this time would make them .40 at Walmart. Some other really good coupons.

Ronzoni Bistro - coupon for $1 off.

Ziploc - $3 coupon printable, mailed

Petsmart - Use first post to get pdf printable coupon for $5 off of $10 or $10 off of $20 at Petsmart.

Kelloggs mini wheats - $1 printable, or mailed to you.

Babysrus codes

Huggies - $2 printable coupon

Auntie Annies - register to get a coupon for buy 2 pretzels get 1 free.

Dove deodorant - $2 printable off of the clinical kind, if you have problems with the link try here

Dove - current Dove coupons

Listerine - $7 worth of Listerine whitening coupons.

Bic Pens, pencils, etc - printable coupons.

Mascara - scroll the middle of the page down for a free sample, have to register to receive. If you want a full size bottle you have to enter 10 friends. If you don't see a button to click to receive the sample just hit enter...it worked for me!

Bee pollen - free sample

Have a wonderful day.

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