Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday, Dec. 1st

This week will probably start off slow as I get back into the swing of things, but hopefully we will finish well.

Christmas idea: Go to a local craft show, look around for an item that you can reproduce that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, purchase, and duplicate. Buy materials and make one for everybody that you needed a simple gift for. I have made tons of presents this way just by copying others great ideas.

What a Black Friday! Myself and two others went to 12 stores (if our calculations are correct) in 10 1/2 hours. We hit 3 Walmart stores, 2 Target stores, Big Lots, Radio Shack, HHgregg, and the list just goes on and on. I am glad to say that we survived and it is over. But if you missed out on Black Friday then don't miss out today on CYBER MONDAY! Lots of stores will be having sales today so check your favorite sites and see what they offer.

Don't forget ladies that the Kmart doubles started yesterday. This is were you can double your coupons $2 and under. I wanted to give everyone a warning, make sure that you know how much your product cost and watch EVERY COUPON as they scan it to make sure that the item doubles or goes up to the price of the product. Yesterday we had a big probably with coupons that were off of 2 items. Here is an example so you know what to look for:
Herbal Essences shampoo $2.89 a piece
Buy 2 to use $2 coupon
$2.89 + $2.89 = $5.78 - $2 c - $2 dc = $1.78 for two,
That is what should have happened BUT the computer kept taking $2 and the .89. The manager could understand that it should take $2 off twice because it wasn't going over the product price, BUT THE CASHIER beside us kept saying you had to have 2 coupons, well you can't have two coupons for this because you had to have 2 items to use the coupon! It took forever to check out because of this one issue on several coupons, so keep watch and make them do it right.
Here are some items you can get for free with your coupons:
Kotex lightdays $1.29 - $1 c - .29 dc = free
pledge wipes $2.50 - $1.50 c - $1 dc = free
Revlon nail clippers $1.79 - $1 c - .79 dc = free
Revlon emery boards $1.49 - $1 c - .49 dc = free
Revlon tweezer $1.99 - $1 c - .99 dc = free
Dove Shampoo $3.79 - $2 c - $1.79 dc = free
Tums smoothers $1.89 - $1 c - .89 dc = free
Almost free:
Rice Krispies $2.50 - $1 c - $1 dc = .50
Apple Jacks $2.50 - $1 c - $1 dc = .50
Knorr side dishes x2 $2 - .75 c - .75 c = .50 (for two or .25 a piece)
Ziploc bowls $2.50 - $1 c - $1 dc = .50
Hershey kiss $2.33 - $1 c - $1 dc = .33
Dove shampoo $3.79 - $1.50 c - $1.50 dc = .79
Suave lotion $2.50 - $1 c - $1 dc = .50 (this was a HUGE bottle)

I hope this helps you guys to plan. Really watch your prices. I noticed 4 items that came up different than I expected while going over my receipt just now. Good luck.

Now to the day's stuff:
Walgreens - here is the forum link with the sales as well as printable coupon links.
$5 off of $25 - (thanks Jennifer), coupon good Monday, Dec. 1st and Tuesday, Dec. 2nd
Favorite this week: Glade Wisp Candle $3.99 - $3 = .99
Hint: After you get this candle open it and pick up the candle looking thing in the middle of the glass holder and under it you will find another coupon for $3 off.
Buy, open, get coupon, repeat.

CVS - forum link with ad and coupon links

Chadwicks - They will pay YOU $5 to ship a $49 order, code - CHFS49.

Avon - Products start at $1.99 and get free shipping on any order code, 1128FSWA.

Talbots - 30% off and free shipping for 2 more days code - 027463365

Victoria Secret - 20% off whole order - GET20; pink tote for $10 after a $30 purchase, code - PKTOTE.

Best Buy - Cyber Monday sale

Sam's Club - Toy sale

MP3 player - 4 GB video mp3 player at Amazon for $28.99 + $5.49 shipping, normally $249.99, thanks to Sherry W. for this find.

Free sample of tampax pearl - link
Clean perfume sample - link
Glad trash bags - link
Nature Made 14 day sample of vitamins - link

Sprint - Already a sprint customer and need to upgrade or just want to go to sprint, here is a free smart touch phone, PDA. Get a $100 mail in rebate that makes the phone free.

Golf - Free golf impact labels.

Lacoste Pink - Fragrance sample

3 free $10 gift certificates - Not exactly sure how this works, goes through, I believe that you are requesting gift certificates for 3 people that you think are in need. If you do this let me know how it works.

Printer - AWESOME BUY, HP all in one inkjet printer for $19.99 normally $129, plus you get free shipping. This is from Amazon, don't wait long they won't last.

Shoes - High School musical tennis shoes $3.89!

Leapster - If you missed out on Friday never fear, Target has the green one for $28.82 + tax with free shipping!

Didj - At Amazon today for $59.99, it lists as $79.99 but they have a promotion if you spend $75 on leapster products you get $20 off, since this product is over that amount you get the $20 off of it making it $59.99, plus free shipping...this is $89.99 in the store.

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